#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


How about that morabito or Johnson spuds?


Really?? With Stringer, Fantasia, Tippa we are as tricky as tricky can be.

Tricks is not what we are lacking or what Laverde will bring.


Barrett has that wrong, Langford was our first pick.


He has no idea what he’s talking about


Never does. I have no idea why anyone reads / listens to this turd.


Just clarifying that you and K_Mike are talking about Barrett and not me.




Barret’s knowledge of football, like his journalism, begins and ends with single simplistic adjectives.
Choose one of the following; Marking, Kicking, Goal-scoring, Ball-magnet, Rucking, Tricky, Leadership, Key-position, Running

And insert into player description/ analysis of game plan/ why a side won or lost.
Note Barret can only use one of these descriptions at any given time and in the same article - it’s too confusing for both him and his core readership if things get too complicated.


Isn’t he basically explaining why Lav hasn’t shown much? “player who is always injured hasn’t played enough football”… Great insight.


I think Laverde has had plenty of opportunity.

He needs to show something this year or let somebody else have a go.


I think bar once when he was dropped after coming into the Seniors (IIRC), he’s shown something every time he’s been given a shot, … and then got fking injured as soon as he does.

Just had a Gumbyesque shitrun of luck.


I feel like he’s the anti-Myers

Comes in
Plays a good game
Plays an OK game next week
Average after that


The editor at afl.com needed to allow the afl.com club specialists to have a go at this list rather than Barrett since he is more into the sensationalist, clickbait stuff than solid player detail. Sounds like there are no drug, drinking, or assault issues around the clubs at the moment


so he attacks the oldies?


He protects the elders.




Available this week.


just when you thought it was going to tricky to fit Smith and Zaka in for Anzac day. this bloke has just kicked 6


He was good. But not that good that he demanded selection in the AFL.

He won’t be picked for this game. I wouldn’t have even thought he is really in the frame. He will need to pull 2-3 good games together.


Well that didn’t stop Ham getting a game.