#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


Really needs to play 3 like this and not get injured before he comes in.


should come in AFTER we play geelong


Yeah, because Smith and Zaharakis were out. Laverde won’t have that luxury with both coming back.


Browns form will drop off. His history proves it. If Laverde keeps playing well he will get Browns spot. It may be 2 weeks or 5 but it will happen. Hopefully Laverde doesn’t get injured but that’s his history.


I highly doubt that Lav is competing for a KPF spot. Joey, Brown, Smack & Stewart are our KPFs, along with a potentially resting ruckman. Lav is more of a HFF, with the club hoping (as they do), that he will develop his tank and provide an additional midfield rotation.


Played a little mid today, but went better up forward.


I thought he looked ok in the midfield. But he didn’t look like he had an opponent when he was playing up the ground either.

He is still an excellent overhead mark for his size and he is a hard man to tackle. He also makes his tackles stick.

I hope he brings the same confidence and arrogance to the AFL. If he did he would go very very well.


Ham replaced Zaharakis. You need a balanced side covering your different needs. Lav is not a Zaharakis replacement.


Lost in translation…I was dismissing comments stating Laverde (who has a AFL ready body) can’t come in off one good game (to replace Baguley).

Hence saying it didn’t stop Ham (who is skinny as a stick) coming off one game into the side to replace Zaharakis.


What history proves it?

If Laverde is going to be competing with anyone for spots in the forward line it’s with guys like Stringer or Baguley


No it doesn’t. History proves that he gets injured unfortunately.


I don’t know why anyone would dream of Laverde as a replacement for Baguley. Even assuming Baguley needs to be replaced, Laverde is a completely different type of player: much taller, heavier, not at all a scrapper.

If Stringer is not available or if his form drops a very long way from where it is at the moment, then Laverde would be one of those considered to replace him. But not Baguley.


Laverde for Myers

Guelfi for Baguley


The point most people are making is that you could bring almost anyone in for Baguley and just shuffle the decks a little.


I never said they were the same sort of player, but structurally it’s a much more likely change than replacing a genuine tall. What you lose in pressure, you gain in offensive weapons. Not that I’m even advocating for this swap anyway.


Actually, I can see that kind of setup working very well, providing at least one of the mid-sized forwards can contribute decent defensive pressure. Joey & Brown, Laverde/Begley & Stringer, Walla & Fanta. We have Smith & Guelfi & Parish all having defensive sides to them also.


Was at the game yesterday, there is a massive massive difference in the skill, pressure and free flowing corridors in VFL and AFL

Laverde has played one good game in reserves don’t think he should be risked on ANZAC

Keep parish in for sure, reckon he might be more suited to MCG


every game he plays in reserves is good.

like darcy.


I hate the thinking that says you always have to replace like with like.
Do we have the perfect balance at the moment? And even if we do, is it the only one that can work?
Why can’t we go a bit taller and stronger, and swap say Laverde’s strengths (and weaknesses) for Bags’ equivalent. It would give a different mix, but so what?
I get that you can’t go too tall, too slow, too much outside run versus inside strength etc, and there has to be a balance, but Laverde for Bags wouldn’t critically upset any of those important balances.

PS I’m not an advocate of Laverde playing Anzac day BTW, just that it doesn’t have to be like for like always.


Why is everyone convinced Laverde is going to be better than he has been in the past when he’s come up to AFL level and struggled?