#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


whys everyone convinced myers is gonna be better than he usually is after having an extended run of not producing?


Why is Lav not a good replacement for bags. He is tough, quick, tackles hard and is better in the Air. The height of a player doesn’t represent what he brings to the team.


Lav can’t provide the manic pressure or the ground level agility that Bags can.


yeah 6 frees against is hard to live up to.


Laverde is not a midfielder and guelfi is already in the team…


And he had a grand total of 2 free kicks paid against him in the 2 previous games…big deal.


In his last AFL game he kicked 3.3 from 17 disposals.


in lavs last game of footy he played he got 6 goals.

but whatever


Really… that’s awsome.


Hoping he plays games against weak competition at AFL level and kicks goals whilst continuing to dominate at VFL to maintain trade currency. He, Langford, Hartley, Stewart, Gleeson and Parish all stand a great chance of being shipped out at the end of the season if the price is right.


And like Darcy, whenever he plays seniors he is forced to play out of position.


Love bags but he is really struggling. Time to bring in lav.


Yes, Guelfi is in the team, but he should be playing in Baguley’s scrappy forward role which he could do better imo

Laverde is a big Bodied midfield rotation. Between he, Stringer and even Parish and Guelfi they would be able to cover Myers’ contribution in the middle. Laverde would take Stringers forward role when Jake rolls through the middle and when Joe gives Belly a chop out we would have the extra marking option in the forwardline.


Let’s get a few games into LAV at vfl level, get some fitness back.


He’s laid under 10 tackles in 5 games, that’s not providing manic pressure


He’s in that awkward place of being far too good for the VFL - even when underdone - and not having had the continuity to get himself to AFL level yet.

I’d like him to be left in the two’s for a couple more weeks to really build some serious GPS numbers and clean up his touch before he comes in. Despite kicking six yesterday he was miles off what an AFL player looks like in terms of running intensity and clean ball handling.

I’m a fan, but I want him cherry ripe to really have a genuine crack at senior level. I think, while he’s a long way behind in terms of development, he’s a de Goey type player. And not too dissimilar talent wise either.


Where are you getting that stat ? Next time check your facts before you short change someone.


My mistake, he’s laid a grand total of 12 tackles, kicked 4 goals and given away 12 frees in 5 games.

We all love the bloke but he is very replaceable and really struggling


Replaceable by who though ? If it’s a player that has a defensive mindset and can keep the ball locked in our forward 50 then yea fair enough, if you want to bring in a half forward that has little agility at ground level then your probably going to upset the balance of a winning team.


Lav could play the Stringer role very well. However with the current forward line kicking 100 plus hard to see him fitting in. He could even play the Brown role with JD back but at the moment he have to bide his time. Puts pressure on players to perform mind you and if if either gets injured Lav should be straight in.