#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


It’s time


Some of you guys are breaking accepted protocol in here.
Need to go thru the appropriate channels.

Can we begin discussing a LAV inclusion for the Rd.7 Geelong game?
I’m well aware of the hoodoo but fukk hoodoos.

I implore you to reconsider your earlier stance and thank you for reading.

Pls advise…


With Brown’s injury, I’m surprised that the Club haven’t pulled him from today’s game. If he plays limited minutes, you would have to assume that he will be selected for the Cats game. Really wanna see Lav given a decent run at it. Am backing him in to come good & secure a senior spot.


Guelfi, Laverde half forward line


What’s the Geelong thing referencing? Asking for a friend


Plenty of rest in between. If he can’t play a full VFL game without getting injured then he can’t play a full AFL game.

I’m backing him. Now is a great opportunity for him.


He kicked 6 last week & got a full game under his belt. Not a big deal. Thought they may have pulled him & just trained him hard with the senior group during the week (which they’ll do anyway if he is in the frame). I guess I am just risk averse when it comes to the Lav. Anyway, go you good thing.


He’s fked himself with long term injuries both times he’s played Geelong in his career.




8 days till Cats game though.


Jayden tends to get injured in against the cats.









Lav! First goal in the magoos vs Pies.


Done his hammy, he’s done.


Bloke can’t take a trick


Sheesh kid can’t get a break


Lol. This was odds on to happen. Sums up his career. Pity cos I reckon he has the talent