#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green

String really nails some rippers from long out on the Boundary at times,… and a couple when they were really needed. He really has some “On” days when it comes to kicking for Goal. I fully believe as the whole team chemistry develops, those days will increase exponentially.

I think the same will be true for LAV!, as he gets confidence back in his body and can stop worrying about it & focus more on the game, and will also benefit from increased team confidence.

He is a fantastic kick for goal when he has a clear mind & confidence. In case people have forgotten, in his first 6 games in or so,… he kicked 10 straight from all over the place before he missed one, … then he got injured, and he’s never been back in long enough since to regain that mental state. The only way is up for him Re Goals, as long as he stays healthy. (Knocks on wood)


Loves a point


Laverde is building well I reckon.
I’ve been vocal in saying i’m not confident he’ll make it. But I reckon he’s looking better so far this time around. Possibly the benefit of being fitter than he has been when in the 1’s before


He’s got a LOT of class and I rate him as a footballer and reckon he will make the grade.

… just really needs to sort out his kicking for goal. It was an attribute when he first came to the club.


Constant leg injuries will do that to you.

Looks strong at the contest. Seems to be finding a nice for himself as a bit of a forward bull. Degoey type.

Powerful unit

If Lav could get a few games under his belt he could be a forward line bull but he has to learn to kick. You just can’t get away with being that bad at this level!

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Happy with the way he is tracking this year. Kicking for goal is letting him down but hopefully he gets on top of that. Imagine how good he can be if he can stay injury free for a few years.

Providing a good Contest up forward, have liked what I’ve seen the last couple of weeks. Just needs to start slotting those easy goals

Farken hell. He was ■■■■■■ good at times tonight. 18 pozzies, 5 marks, the spoils and bringing the ball to the ground. Poor kicking for goal (3 behinds). Really should have been 3 goals. He was frustrated and showed that, but he really had a crack. Can hold his head up high. Keep at it, Jayden. It will come.


How was his defensive work tonight?

Its been the most promising part of his play this season imo.

He and Joe, and most of our players tbh need to spend the preseason accumulating 10000 shots on goal.

Played well tonight.

FFS - him and Langford are forwards.

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agree with all of the above stuff - look promising. Excellent attack at the ball. Crap at goal kicking. Sort out the latter and we have a very good forward.

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Langford had 6 clearances tonight and 13 contested possessions…


Definitely knows how to kick a goal.

He’s a tough unit.

Plays with a commanding presence. Still got a long way to go but so much to like about this bloke

He’s plays well, pity he can’t kick basic 20m goals.

Keep sending him up. He’s on an upward curve.