#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green

Yep, can play.

If we hire a kicking coach this guy could easily become a 40 goal forward


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Used to be legit sharpshooter.

Liked his game.

Great to see him improving and developing.
Played well tonight but that kicking for goal - just woeful. Obviously a mental thing. He kicks those when in the VFL
If he, and the whole team improved, their set shots at goal we would leap up the ladder.

Watching the warm up and the pre-warm up warms up and the Hawthorn players looked v.good with their snaps at goals. And it carried over into the match.

I know it’s been discussed a lot on here, but I do wonder how much serious goal kicking practice we do - proper methodical stuff for both set shots and snaps.


I am on the negative, contested well but as a forward if you can’t kick goals why are you there? As the traditionalists would say “bad kicking is bad football”. All our forwards need to kick straight.

Dawks missed more gimme goals than we did tonight.

What does kissed more gimme goals mean?

missed or kicked?


It means they got more kissed-on-the-■■■■ goals. As usual.

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my gut feel is they kicked more of their snaps

anyway we won, but we need to improve our goal kicking




Still a mystery as to why after finishing the season so well last year he was only given a 20 minute run in pre season and then took so long to get picked this year.

Great to see him show some promise.


Ummmmmmm because he was injured?

As usual…


Not the whole time though, and not in the pre season when they just left him on the bench or didn’t pick him when we should have been getting game time into him. Anyway, he’s in the side for the time being and that’s good.

Trying to piece together the VFL and injury history for this guy. Dunlop’s injury thread is awesome, but I’ve tried to get the dates to tell the story.

Basically this guy has been playing decent blocks in the senior team whenever his injury curse relented and gave him a few weeks respite. He does seem to need 2-3 weeks in the VFL after an injury to regain form. Everything I see in his history tells me the coaches don’t drop him once his vfl form warrants a senior gig, it’s just injury that sends him back to the vfl.

Round 1 ??? (From memory held out due to “structure”)
Round 2 ???
Round 3 ankle
Round 4 ankle
Round 5 VFL
Round 6 VFL - injured hamstring
Round 7 Injured
Round 8 Injured
Round 9 VFL
Round 10 AFL Senior upgrade
Round 11 AFL
Round 12 AFL

Previous history:

2018 – hamstring (played AFL Rounds 6-11 & 23)
2017 – ankle surgery (played AFL Rounds 19-23)
2016 – AC joint (played AFL Rounds 10-18)
2015 pre-season – groin
2014 – quad


So excited to see what this guy can do if he gets a decent run at it.

Ummm. You might want to recheck some of that.

2014 … quad Drafted,

2015, VFL until he forced his debut, played Rd 15 - 23.

2016,… AC joint (played AFL Rounds 10-18) after pre season niggle, came in Rd 4 got a contact injury going too hard & dumb. (Hip Flexor or AC ? :thinking: ) Played Rnds 16 -23 after recovering.

(NB: You must have someone else in mind… he’s never played Rnds 10 to 18 any year)


If he kicks 3.0 instead of 0.3, he’d be in the best. 18 disposals and 5 marks. Provided a very good mobile target down there. He’s starting to hit his stride, and that only comes with playing every week.