#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green

Got his confidence in his body back which is showing.

He used to be such a good kick for goal though, wonder if he had to change his action due to his hamstring issues?

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Yep pretty good game from LAV

Got to get that goal kicking right through, missing way too many that should be kicked

Gets too close to man on the mark IMO

Also had a few instances could have lowered the eyes to hit up others inside 50 but got goal hungry and blazed away and missed


Probably one who will thrive with Stringer out

Agree, always gets to close to the mark. I think the straight kicking of his first year was the anomaly.

Love that he hits a pack hard. Breaks contest open with physicality. We have been missing that in the forward half for soooo long. Found his role in my opinion and we’re better for it.

But it could be career limiting ala Mark Harvey as a HF.

I really like Laverde but when he lines up to have a set shot for goal I walk out of the room !!


Is this the most consecutive games we’ve had from him?
I’m still worried he’s gonna get injured.
I wonder if he does too?

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Maybe, 2019 is when he will. He’s got to improve his goal-kicking, as must a few others.


And then play 19 through 23 and 4 finals as well you mean, … right? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


What? No injury!?!?

Continuity is underway. Will make a HUGE difference

Mistook game total column for round. Got that wrong. Don’t post at 2am kids.




Geez he looks like one of those archetypal 6’3 future footballers that the Herald Sun would bang on about when Kuta was playing. Can run, jump, kick… just for no more than 4 games in a row.

If he gets his kicking for goal right, he will be an absolute weapon for us.

Confidence issue. Could be as simple as slotting the first one, and he won’t miss for the rest of the game.

Just do the team thing always Jayden.
If there are better options, take them please.

You can become a good footballer, but it’s not about YOU, it’s about the team.

That said I was excited to see how well you played kicking aside.

Great mark of the ball, one of the best body users I’ve seen tbh

Weird about his goal kicking, seems to get them in the VFL…

That tackle he laid was all about him wasn’t it?


Impressed over the past 2 weeks. But fixup the set shot kicking and he will cement his spot.


Is a member of the Joe Daniher school of set shot goal kicking

I see no reason other than his goal kicking that Lav can be as good as De Goey