#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green

There were rumours that Collingwood were gonna take Laverde instead of Degoey with pick 5

Laverde doesn’t have the inate floggishness (and accompanying self belief) that Jordan has as evidenced by his yips in front of goal.


De gooey is very very good.

We have no one in his category. Most lists don’t.


Unfortunately he misses them in the vfl too. He has been doing so for the last 2 seasons.
I am OS at the moment and haven’t seen the game. Was he missing the easy ones to the right by popping them up? He has continually done that. I saw one comment in the game day thread that he tried to kick one too hard when he missed. Did that one miss left?
He is ok from 40m +. It’s just the little ones that he tries to nurse he can’t seem to nail.

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Fantasia when fit is easily equal to DeGoey

He missed three, all from about 30 - 35 meters. Two were set shots more or less plum in front and the third was an on the run shot.
From memory he sort of stabbed at the second set shot.
One of the shots was after an excellent mark.
Go back and show everyone how good you are by finishing it off and stamping yourself on the game!
One went right, I think the other left. Either ways they were shockers.
I read a comment in here about DeGoey and his ‘swagger’ and self belief. That’s what some of our blokes need. They need to be convinced they can do it as a matter of course, based on good technique and practice. Otherwise they appear soft.

Stringer has had a year as good as Degoey at the Dogs.

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If Lav had kicked 2 of those 3 shots, he’d have been in contention for votes. Played a really good midsize forward role.


Stringer is also a very similar sort of player too

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He’s just got to start kicking them

Missed two easier ones in a game preceding and then got the hard one from boundary

Stringer very similar player to degoey

Hope he can start slotting those shots on goal. Has been very good other than that.

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Ah, Jake stringer goes alright. He’s got more runs on the board than de goey too

He is presenting pretty well, working hard but my god his kicking is dreadful. You just can’t afford to be wasting those opportunities.

Lav is doing everything right at the moment except finishing. I reckon his run up on set shots needs to be longer and he needs to build a little more pace in the run up. He walks in and doen’t really looked balanced which I suspect is why he’s falling away to the right a bit in his kicking action.

Should be easy enough to fix up because the mechanics are otherwise quite sound.

Club needs a goal kicking coach. Even a part timer on 50k a year would do. Given the impact it has on results it should be a no brainer really.

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He is building nicely, if he can play the rest of the year injury free we might start to see the player he could be. I really hope he does!

Does anyone with actual inside knowledge know what we do for goal kicking practice? Do we have set sessions dedicated to methodical goal kicking practice. Akin to what golfers would do with putting and driving.

Or is it just go out and have a few shots at goal, and oh yeah, do it towards the end with your mates when you’re a bit tired etc.

Practicing kicking for goal when you are tired is of more benefit than kicking when you are freash on the training track, as it more closely resembles real match conditions.

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I’m as annoyed as anyone with his appalling kicking for goal. It could easily cost us a game.

But for a change I’m looking on the bright side. He’s definitely getting comfortable with the pace and intensity of senior football, and his field kicking is pretty good. With general confidence on the ground his kicking for goal should improve. Darcy Parish couldn’t kick a goal to save his life until recently but he’s started to kick a few now. If he can do it, Laverde can do it.


I have no problem about kicking when tired. I agree you should practice that scenario as it is match relevant. It’s also relevant to be able to kick a goal when fresh in the 1st minute of a game - good way to get your team up and about.

But my point was about the methodology they employ with goal kicking - how much time they spend on it and how they train/practice to develop a reliable goal kicking technique for a range of distances and angles and states of fatigue and opposition pressure.


We keep hearing that the sports scientists won’t allow the guys to practise goalkicking, particularly when tired, because of the stress it puts on the quads.