#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green

Think it was noted on radio that Cats are doing the opposite hence how efficient they are.

Huge focus on goal kicking once fatigued

That together with how well they structuring up means they just getting the job done, even though 11th for inside 50’s in league

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Bombers have 6 players in the top 25 for average behinds.

I’m not sure that it can be all put down to bad set shots though.

We tend to have a lot of shots from terrible spots and also we are generally under pressure when taking them.

Our mids are terrible at hitting our forwards on the chest or even kicking to advantage.

Have watched McKernan pretty closely he is excellent at bringing the ball to ground even with 2 opponents and the incoming kick advantaging the defenders.

We just hack it forward.

The sports scientists who don’t allow kicking for goal, especially under fatigue, are forgetting the training principle of specificity, which is kind of an essential aspect of quality training and skill specific training.

I remember Billing’s having a shocking year in front of goal and has looked to turn that around I’m confident Lav could

Also Stringer has missed some very bad shots this year aswell but gets a free pass because he is established

He doesn’t get a free pass from me. His set shots are appalling, although he did get one this week.

He generally gets a tick because although he misses the set shots, he gets quite a few snap goals.

Ideally he’d get both.

Stringer kicks most of his set shots from left of centre, most of his misses come from right of centre. Make of that what you will.

Has a little hook in his kicking… good from the boundary

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To my eye, Laverde stabs his kicks…Even set shots, he doesn’t get his foot very high.

Maybe he’s thinking: “If I follow right through this kick, and get my foot higher than my hips, my hamstrings will explode”.

So…I think he’s more efficient with the kicks across the body.

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String, kicking a goal from distance… he nails it. Arrow shows the direction of the ball (and his knee) before the ball corrects. Over 50 it has a chance to draw back. Anything shorter and it doesn’t get the chance to come back.

Stringer is actually a good kick in general though he just has the yips. Laverde i don;t think has ever been a good kick and i can’t see it improving unless he changes his whole kicking action.

String misses quite a few easy ones. 208 goals / 144 behinds over his career.

I completely disagree

laverdes field kicking is generally awesome,
Dont believe me look at some highlights.

He is joe daniher like.
Can kick around the ground beautifully but as soon as he lines up for goal he abandons all of that.

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Lav has good technique… just needs games in front of AFL crowds to overcome his nervousness

I think most of his misses are a result of them being mostly crumbed attempt at goals.

He’s not really a lead and mark type player so the degree of difficulty goes up a little.

Laverde looks like someone who doesn’t practise enough, which given his injury history isn’t surprising

Got the yips from set shots.
Best cure - nail a few.

Agree with that observation.

Love Lav but really needs to work on his kicking.

I’m not sure we can afford to have Joe, Stringer and Lav in the same forward line if they don’t sharpen up in front of goal.

All are poor set shots for goal

This kid can dead set be anything - has the game, just can’t kick for goal.

Not alone.

Would love to see him get a bit more time on the ball. Loves the physical stuff, lays great tackles and stands up in them just as well. Reckon he’s probably not there yet fitness wise, however.