#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green

As much as lav misses. Doesn’t hold a candle to joe.

Maybe if you stay to watch he might kick them?

I don’t rate his field kicking either, he is similar to shiel actually in that he tends to always over hit the ball, struggles to weight any of his kicks properly.

He gets to close to the man on the mark, he is kicking for goal with a pitching wedge. It’s all in his head, needs continuity and needs to kick a few.

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Lav hurty

Love Hirdy


Good game from him tonight despite very limited opportunity.


Started well and faded - good to see he was less selfish and it paid off with some easy goals that he set up.

Has much more upside than shown recently. Keep him in the team. I like what he brings

Keep up the intensity & sharing the ball.
Not bad kicking tonight.


In our current forward line…as soon as Brown leads up outside the 50, I want Laverde to be thinking like a tall.

That is, take the risk to fly for the pack mark, or at least bring it to ground. Don’t just look towards Smack to contest in the air. Leave the crumbing task to Walla/Fantasia/Begley.

Because I think there were a few times tonight that Laverde stayed down, when we needed him to at least leap at it and disrupt the intercept…

Breakout game imminent

Tracking nicely.

Just getting a hint of how decent Laverde can/will be. Who’d have thought some continuity would be important to an injury plagued kid with barely 30 games experience? Certainly not some people on here.


How strong was he. He just wouldn’t be brought down

You just get the feeling that he’ll become a very good player, don’t you sal.


Love his competitive nature.

Better than I thought in the air.

He tries to kick the ball too hard though

I do, yes. Obviously goal kicking is a problem atm, but he has a mix of size, speed and agility that makes him very dangerous.

Mmmmm. Delicious.
He just seems like one of those players that if he gets his confidence up could be anything.


Can’t blame people for being wary after the messiah and Gumby. I don’t think anyone potted Lav for his ability or potential, but were mostly frustrated he couldn’t seem to get a good run at it.