#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green


People definitely potted him for his potential and ability. It was a joke as he’s clearly shown a lot when he’s not injured and stringing a couple games together.

Injury free, this guy could have already been close to a top 5 player for us IMO.


I still think he has the ability to play through the middle in spurts also. Big powerful lad should be playing the Hird type role as Stringer does.


Could be anything. It’s all about whether his body can hold up!


Yep, useless below his knees, turning circle of Adam McPhee or Scotty Lucas etc


Interesting Jobe said he was 193cm last night, anybody else hear that?


At the same time, I can understand Bombers fans being jaded about the high-potential, constantly injured kid. Cf Winders, Gumb, Demps, Myers et al.


Also that shot that hit the post must be a contender for Sam Pang’s point of the round.
Would have been a contender for goal of the round if he had of nailed it.


Taking the ■■■■? His turning circle was good enough to turn away from a tackler last night on 50 and then run in for a behind.

Not everyone has elite agility but his is definitely not a problem as he’s clearly providing a heap of pressure on the ground and winning the footy more importantly.


Yes we’ve definitely had our fair share. Happens to every club though. Only have to look at Hawthorn and Collingwoods picks over the years.


I’m just stating what others have stated about him, I love the bloke.

Have said since day 1 that he will turn out to be a better player than Langford


Looks like any agility issues in seasons previous were likely injury/confidence-related. After stringing a few games together, he looked reasonably mobile for 6’3 bloke last night


like the hair cut.

seems to be getting scoring opportunities up forward, sometimes makes something out of nothing, stringer like.


Not far from activating Beast Mode and becoming a real handful for oppo defenders.


Great overhead, good on the ground, his goal on the second quarter was first class.

Needs to work on his goalkicking like 8 others.


he didn’t look much shorter than hooker post game.


Probably seen one of the worst shots on goal ever thou…needs to sort that out


Are you thinking of the begley point from 35m out?


I think you have him mixed up with Begley. Lav kicked 2.1 and the one miss was after he baulked a player and tried to slot it from a very tight angle on the boundary and just hit the post.


He actually had a set shot from about 45m out and it went out on the full


Yep. Made the distance easily but about 30 meters left of target.