#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green

He’s beginning to believe.

He’s always been a good mark for his size, but he had a first-step last night that has been missing.

Breakout performance coming soon

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There’s nothing wrong with his agility or explosiveness. He’s quick and strong. Keep him on the park and he’ll turn into a gun.

He’ll also get the worst defender because of others around him (McKernan, Stringer, Fanta etc.)

I reckon a 4+ goal game isn’t too far away.

Lav had a shot to the right of screen from about 35-40 out slight angle and kicked it out on the full.

Kid’s not too bad after all then, eh?

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I kept getting Lav and Begley mixed up from a distance… still havn’t gotten the number change through my head.

His goal-kicking looks very confidence-related - hopefully it improves as a consequence of stringing some good games together.

Are you a channel 7 commentator?


I’m on record as someone who had serious doubts about him.
But I reckon he’s clearly shown more this year than ever before.

For those talking about breakout games… what do you define as a breakout game for him?

I wouldn’t be surprised now if he had a game where he kicked 5 or 6 goals (if he can kick straight)

He seriously looks like he could tear a game apart. Ideally next Saturday against the Swans.


Kicked 3 in 15 minutes last year against Port. from memory could easily have been 6 with a couple missed and a couple handed off.

If his teammates could execute a basic handball, he easily could have had 3 goals in the first quarter.


More the four quarter impact, regardless of goal numbers.

He’s had some very good quarters, but yet to put it all together



I thought he was going to improve this year so I gave myself a big pat on the back. I did also think that parish was all kinds of useless so I settled down a bit after that.

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.

I see no reason why Lav can’t be as good as De Goey.


I can see the similarities, but I think DG has better lateral movement at speed, maybe a touch quicker too.

Prefer Lav anyway. DG has some awful tats and woeful haircut.

He’s showing good signs. Better signs than he has at any point in time during his career. He looks confident and assured. He’s got huge strength, good mark and good athleticism.

Never really been sold on him but he’s starting to win me over in a big way.

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Could end up a mini stringer interms of role.

It’s never been talent with this kid.

Always seems to drag his shots left, maybe holding and dropping the ball a little in the middle rather than in front of the right hip?

LAV is equal parts DeGoey and Mason Wood


Spot on. He showed it last game of last season where he went nuts in the first quarter. They will come more frequent.

Laverde must be v fit - constantly making it to contests and having an impact v v often. that will only get better with an injury-free run, a PS etc.
could be anything- time will tell.