#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green

How anyone couldn’t see the football talent and athletic profile that he’s ALWAYS shown would make him a very good AFL footballer provided his body allowed him to string games together is beyond me. Always rated Lav and it’s so good to see him get a proper shot at it. Fingers crossed he plays out the season and takes that confidence into next year.


NOPE, definitely Lav. Begs least got a point

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He has played a couple of decent games in a row which is pleasing but hardly a vindication. I’m far from convinced he will make the grade of course I really hope he does. I really like his competitiveness and strength but his goal kicking is an abomination.

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Look I’ll be honest, based on his name being Jayden I didn’t think his prospects were good…

Since coming back though, even off limited touches, something is different with him.

There is definitely something there if he can stay healthy.

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Comming along very nicely. Please stay fit…



He has always looked like he is capable, it’s more about his body and continuity.

Getting some continuity and showing something. We need to persist and hopefully he avoids injury.

Continuing to build nicely. Just needs to keep working on his goal kicking

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Going ok

But in a genuine 2 kpf + Stringer setup not entirely sure it works having him there as well

At this stage he’s essentially playing Stringer’s role

We may never have recruited Stringer if LAV had of established himself already but he hadn’t

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nah, Stringer spends a lot more time up field and it allows Lav to stay forward more.

HF: Fantasia Daniher TIPPA
F: Mosquito Smack Stringer

He needs to kick through the ball a bit more instead of just getting it there.

People talk a lot of ■■■■ in here.

Pretty similar player to Caddy

The worst thing is where they take a set, or a shine, on a player from the word go, and never change their opinion.

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one player that will gain so much having two proper KPFs around him… imagine joeD, Smack, Stringer all lining up together. the attention eaxh one demands would mean lav would have a field day. it’s almost Jlennon imagining- level having all 4 at once but easy if you try…

That’s such a cop out. 2 of those players are perennially injured and ones never played a game yet.

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We’d be really good if we didn’t get injured all the time. Here’s hoping the entire list chooses to be injured at alternate stages in the coming years and not all at once.