#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green

Lol and you want to replace him with a car on a hoist? Makes sense


At least Begley more likely to kick a goal now and then

So you didn’t see Begley’s kick for goal last week. Lav just missed the goal post, Fridge just missed the behind post.


Of course I saw last week’s kick. Laverde misses more consistently though.
Both don’t do enough during a game.

Laverde is playing as a key forward and doing well without being rewarded on the scoreboard.

Free kicks not being paid, teammates missing him by hand and foot, and yes, missing gettable shots have all cost him this year.

I’m just happy that he is finally getting a good run at it, and I think he has shown more than most people give him credit for, especially in an injury plagued forwardline devoid of any continuity, with himself coming off repeated injury layoffs.

I put his goal kicking down to restricted time practising due to his injuries and the resulting physio management


Well said, HM.

Did a few nice things today (handball to Parish for a goal, etc). Number of missed frees. Had a poor game & his positioning was bad at times, however, our I50 kicking was deplorable, so I am prepared to cut him some slack. Must work on his goal kicking, though (and leading patterns).

Keep sending him up for mine.


Has anyone else noticed that he looks alot slimmer this year in comparison to the last 2 or is it just me?

Looks like they have backed off the weights because of the hamstring issues.
Hopefully it helps and over the next few seasons he can slowly build his size up again.

Yep - very noticeable. Thought the same during the game.

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Thought the carnts will be out for him and they are.

He played his role. Great tackle not rewarded. Has his legs pulled and no free kick. Two of those dead in front.

Takes a great mark and missed it. Set up the goal for Raz and Parish. No use bringing in Baguley or Mayers.


He wasn’t as good today as he has been but definitely stays in for mine.

This “slim” version is still very very strong. And in the total absence of other power forwards (when Smack is in the ruck) he’s important right now.


Our inside 50 kicking looks deplorable mainly due to the lack of leading of our forwards, when at games this is obvious. We have poor forward structure, either being outnumbered due our forwards being way too far up the ground or having them all in the one area waving the hands (this being the only movement).

Expecting our mids to kick to a player playing behind and not moving will never end well.


Just about all our forwards play from behind and it’s incredibly frustrating.

We don’t create space for each other very well either.

Our mids kicking doesn’t help either.

corrigan has to go.

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I agree with most of that. You cherry picked my comment, though.

I did mention this.

But, I really think it is incorrect to solely blame the forwards. Our mids constantly ‘bomb’ it in there. This has been a trend. Diabolical I50 delivery. We take very few I50 marks. It’s a combo of both poor I50 delivery & forward positioning, but more the former than the latter, IMO.

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I was talking of all our forwards, not just Laverde, agree with #barnz our forward coach is letting the side down badly. I am more frustrated when I have been to the game as you can seethe lack of movement/poor positioning, on TV it looks more like poor delivery.

I’ve called for Corrigan to go on multiple occasions, so fully agreed there.

Did you notice how Hooksey was organising the forward line in the last quarter?


Is working super hard off the ball to give an option. Hard at it, good at ground level. Just can’t seem to get the goals. If he keeps playing like he is I’m positive the goals will come

The sort of player who just looks like he craves physical contact

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Yes, similar to when he is in the backline. Don’t need a “leadership group” tag to be a true leader.