#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green

Needs to attend the “Straight Kicking for Goal School”.

Some of his misses in the last few weeks have been terrible.

Part of why I’m kinda surprised we haven’t seen Bags come back yet. The structure has tended to collapse when it gets a bit hard.

Stringer’s technically the experienced forward down there but I don’t think that sort of thinking & communicating about structures comes naturally to him.

We got 99 problems but Laverde ain’t one.


pivotal in the 4th.

persist for mine (may be my next trauma).

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His aggression and ability to break tackles in the forwardline is why he is keeping his spot along with a huge improvement in applying pressure and creating a contest.

Does everything Baguley can do, is better at it and his game is far more suited to the modern AFL than Baguley.

Give him the rest of the year please and rest him if he starts getting too fatigued as I don’t think he has ever strung this many games together before either in the AFL or VFL.

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It has been a problem for 3 years.

You would think someone at the club would put some work into this area. I actually celebrate when a forward leads to the kicker. Or the kicker puts the ball to the forwards advantage.



Look he had a bad game yesterday but he never dropped his head and gave up. He kept busting his hump and had his moments helping set up a few goals. I was very impressed by that, showed maturity.


Agree, but i think it’s been a problem since Lloyd and Lucas retired.

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What I’d really like to see from Laverde now is the confidence to make a hard lead. He just appears to be holding back a little and waiting for the ball to come out the back. It was patently obvious against the Swans. Maybe he’s still not sure of his own abilities, or just still too inexperienced at this level and with his team mates to know where to position himself. I would hope the forward coach/es would be addressing this. Maybe bring in someone like Lloyd to speak to these young guys about such things.

It was humming beautifully when Skippy had the forward setup and he had them playing well as a group.

The next year he was taken off the group and non-stop injuries have hit.,

But the setup and structure is all wrong as well.


Can see him kicking 5 - 6 goals against the Roos this week

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Vs their VFL side?

Would be iffy to retain spot this week

10 possessions. 0.2 scored. 1 tackle only

If we honoured his leads or at least hit one or two of them he might kick a few more.

He’s ready to Xplode. I need you to believe Mr Gonzales


Leave him deep fwd. Have him as the one who doesn’t follow the ops backman up the field. Have him lead at the ball carrier when Saad or Mckenna Burst through from the backline. Don’t follow what most of the other teams do and have the whole farking fwd line up the field. Then have the coach complain our fwds had no time to set as we moved the ball to quickly.

Time and time again Tippa is the only one there to kick it too and he has 2 6f5 blokes on him. If its not Lav it should be stringer. Part the problems with the mids kicking is that there are no fwd presenting. As they are in no mans land as there where to far up the field. Its BS footy, and doesn’t play to our strengths.

If we have a clear leading option, it makes it much easier for the kicker and the fwd.


His form overall has been solid though. Can’t drop him after one down game

Stays in. No question.


Didn’t he have Dane “Dan Whelan” Rampe on him most of the game? Rampe might be a douche but he is a good defender

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it’s a hard one.
I dont’ think he will be dropped, cos he’s a favourite.
yeah he had a bad game, but his form has been ok.

The main reason i’d drop him is team balance.
when you look at it, he will be essentially 4th in line now going forward.
mckernan, brown/hooker, stringer will be the main go to forwards.

maybe it could work if the playing group could hit the side of a barn with any of their disposals, but they can’t at present and aren’t getting better.
Raz is offering little in the way of defensive pressure, should be dropped for snelling.
but lav just is gonna be in this no mans land if they keep playing him, he’s a predominately marking forward, who’s 4th in line in that respect and will be expected more to apply defensive pressure, which isn’t his strong suit and isn’t his strength

possessions don’t tell the whole story no doubt, but 10, 9 and 13 possie games in the last 3, 4 tackles across the 3 games, 4 goals, and 8 marks which 5 was in one game.
If that sort of output came from Baguely, you’d have people screaming for him to be dropped in every thread.

Exactly my thoughts on the fwd pressure and reverting to the 2 talls + Stringer and 3 smalls structure as far as pressure goes.

Snelling is banging down the door

That’s said yep absolutely all our fwds would benefit from us actually being able to execute a series of basic kicking however.

Zaka’s pathetic kick to Lav that didn’t get to him but they were able to work it forward to Raz for his freakish snap one that comes to mind