#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green

brown offers ■■■■ all at etihad.

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I disagree, Lav time and time again is able to pick up the ball when it hits the deck, break a tackle and effectively dispose the footy by hand to setup a player who is in position to kick the goal. I reckon he’s done it every week since he’s come back in, or unselfishly give off an easy goal for himself to someone in a better position. Many others, especially tippa and raz will bomb away whenever they see the goals or only pass when absolutely necessary and usually the chance is gone by then.

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People want Lav dropped after 1 poor game.

He is young.

Brown has had 4 poor games in a row!


Brown plays a structurally important role and versatility allowing us to have the Hooker switch

Lav looked good whilst Stringer was out as essentially he was playing that 3rd tall role and getting more footy directed through him.

With Stringer back Lav really needs to play more like a small, and with only 1 tackle last week & minimal impact he isn’t.


No he hasn’t.

He got injured against Collingwood. He was probably in the better half of the team against WC. And hasn’t been great the last 2.

And the 2 games before Collingwood he dominated.

So give it a rest.


When lav gets to a contest he usually has a positive influence over it. He’s just got to get to more contests. We need look at why he isn’t getting to enough. Is he getting burned? Is he not getting to the right spots? Is work rate preventing him from getting to the right spots enough?

On Saturday I often thought his starting position was too deep and/or he was heading back towards goal when he needed to come at the ball. He’s nowhere if he’s more the 70m away from the ball carrier trying to enter 50 or the front half.

I think this is an issue with our forward structure generally. Not enough guys hit up to the ball to close the distance to the back carrier and create connection. We take very few marks 60 to 70 metres from goal from where it is easier to direct 30 to 40 me passes inside 50. The more of those marks we create the more dangerous we will look.


What he needs is to spend a bit of time practicing kicking goals.

Got injured literally 5 mins before the end of the game. Until that point had 7 touches, no score and no tackles.

Before that he was a forward cashing in against teams that were belted

Theres a few people who see/share this theory of forwards starting behind expecting the ball out the back, from an exceptionally long kick.

Why do the players/coaches whoever at the club not see it ? It makes no sense.

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I suspect this forward structure is a hangover from 2017 when we really were a side totally reliant on transition to score. We actually had very low entry numbers that year and extremely high efficiency because we got over the back, a lot.

Believe it or not we are actually much more of a front half side this year and force many more re-entries into 50 but our forward system hasn’t properly adapted and we tend to avoid short passes to leading targets inside 50 instead favouring long, hotspot kicking. That can be very hard to score from if there is a lot of congestion.

I also think sides are now much better at defending the out the back transition.


Deepest forward in transition should be Laverde to give him the most space to lead into. He can either turn and kick to those moving toward goal or hand off to someone streaming by.
It can’t be Walla, Fantasia, Stringer or Smack.
So that leaves either Brown or Laverde as that leading out from 50. However Laverde has only taken 11 marks outside 50 in 6 games, it should be more than double that.
Especially on the weekend, playing on Rampe for a good chunk and should have been the target before entering fwd 50. There’s no way Rampe trails him outside 50. I don’t think it’s Laverde’s fault though our fwd coach hasn’t fired a shot all season.

So frustrating to watch that hotspot kicking. That went out 10-15yrs ago.

Same with ‘the switch.’ It’s like watching a trainwreck most of the time we do it.

And the rebound D50 scoring, would appear so tiring we mostly can’t back up for wins week in week out.

Beats me why most weeks we spot up Walla with down the line kicks too.

Oh well. At least we nearky make top 8 each year…

And on the odd occasion when we commit to repeat short kicks to beat the press we win matches. Go figure.

What do you think about what some at the game indicated ( eg. @CJohns) that Lav was unsuccessfully trying to coordinate with Stringer and in trying to keep out of his way missed chances to lead into the spaces he was picking out in previous weeks.

It is my theory that our under 23 players know each other well and love playing together and dig deep and dare together with confidence.

It is an age old phenomena that perceived senior players can intimidate less experienced players. But it is something that good sides overcome and nurture confidence in each other.

A confident Lav playing to his strengths is a sight to behold.

Hopefully we are seeing Lav and others (Francis, Langford, Dlarke etc.) shining more and more in the near future and onwards.


The hotspot kick/entry has a time and place

If you’ve got limited numbers forward, and you know you’re not setup for a turnover, it’s a good way to setup a contest and aim to hold the ball & reset for a forward half stoppage (either ballup or boundary throwin).

I think we revert to it too often, sometimes in situations where there is a clear, attacking option on.



Can’t do that. Bellchambers already has the rights to that in his thread title.

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LAV is going to kick a bag this week at AFL level and you VFL types gagging for a big forward can look elsewhere for your man.


If he gets injured then I’M COMING FOR YOU

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Broke multiple tackle attempts, handball to Walla for the winning goal. Jayden - you are a frickin GUN!!! Stays da fck in!!!


Love him.

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