#15 Jayden Laverde - keeping it Green

Could easily have put that ball on his foot in hope but showed composure and got the handball out to a free Walla.

Well done.


Misses to the narrow side every time. Sort ya ■■■■ out!!


Getting better each week.


Basically won us the game.

Needs a real good development coach to get the best out of him.

Corrrigan making way might give him that chance

Did anybody else think that last handball was pretty close to a throw?

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No more than about 100 others in the game


Meh, Collingwood throw the ball all the time.

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Injuries or not the poor bloke is a nightmare in front of the sticks. Hopefully he can get over the yips soon

Well done Lav - A moment of maturity to hand ball it rather than do your old thing and have a wild shot that’s less than 19% chance to go through.

7 Marks. 15 touches and 7 score involvements.

Good stuff


This should be the sum total of the instructions given to our fwds whenever the ball’s in dispute in f50


That last kick at goal he actually kicked it a bit better and it wasn’t far away.
Plus he nailed the one from in front in the 1st qtr. I was pretty nervous about that one.
Long way to go with his kicking for goal.
But apart from that I reckon he’s going ok. I can see him getting off the chain at some point in the next few weeks and kicking 3 or 4. He’s got form at the Adelaide oval…


Kicking closer than joes nightmares.

Must be fairly well rated by opposition coaches. Had Rampe and Thompson in the last 2 weeks. Not exactly ■■■■ poor defenders. D!ckheads yes but not poor defenders.
Keep going LAV. It’ll click soon enough.


Nearly every missed set shot has an obvious fault. Kick a few more metres back from the man on the mark and hit it a bit softer and you’d think he’d be pretty good.


I was at the game early and Lav was practicing goal kicking, his kicking without a man on the mark is different to what he does during the game. He was nailing his shots, kicking through the ball, this from about 45-50m out.

His 2 misses during the game he seemed to get a bit close to the man on the mark and not kick through the ball, pulling the kick to the left.


he gets ■■■■■■■ rag dolled week in week out, could easily attract a few free kicks a game but the umps dont seem to notice it.

still played his role last night. happy :slight_smile:

Needs to spend some time with LLoydy.

Similar problem to what Joe has, the fact no one at the club has pulled them up on it (or effectively corrected it) is damning.

Compare them with the uber reliable Houlahan and Gown in the twos, both of whom make it a point to mark out where they will take their kick - which is about 5m from the man on the mark.


It will turn for him.

Will be a gun.


I love the aggression this kid plays with.

His ability to shrug off tackles and dish a handball off is getting to near Stringer levels.

Had like 3 blokes hanging off him to get that handball off to Tippa for the game winner.