#15 Josh Green - delisted




No, I don’t think so. Just said playing potentially their last game. I’d think that Hartley for instance also being OOC is potentially playing his last game.


Anyone who thinks that video is confirming Green is delisted must be wearing a very good tin foil hat.


Alternative interpretation. The weakness of our forward line is a concern. At the other end Collingwood have Fasolo and Blair, who were a problem in the last game.
We need a big game from Green. Jordan maybe pointing out to Corgi that he needs to perform.


Gets the “Ricky Dyson medal” for, guys who were generally not much chop but helped us fck over the Pies on Anzac Day.


Sheesh, what beat up.


Very very good reference. Did Jason Laycock also help us ■■■■ over the pies once?


Nah, I think just ate pies.


I thought that’s what we were talking about…


IIRC laycock was a bees ■■■■ off winning the ANZAC day medal in his first/second year?


I think it was one of his first games, he was sensational


“Might be playing their last game” means it wont be if we win, cause they’ll play the following week.

If we lose, then its curtains i’d say.


What if Green snags 8 goals a la Darren Bewick on that night he came back from his knee injury?

Then repeats the feat all the way until the Grand Final?

Couldn’t delist him then? Trade maybe?


You’d think Green has been told by us that he’s gone. So if that happened, and I was Green, I’d go to another club who’d surely pick me up and give me a 2yr contract lol


You’re still guessing though. It’s. It’s not confirmation


He also said “we don’t know” directly after it which people seemingly passing over


Out there theory: This “Accidental” slip is a Sheedy-esque motivational technique.


Until and including?

How many goals does the other member of Seagull Squad kick?


Younan 2, Nino 1


Only Bewick kicked 9 goals that night. It was against Geelong in the centenary game, and he never looked like missing one of them.