#15 Josh Green - delisted


Been replaced by Francis. Like for like.




Nope… too soon.


Still can’t believe that was this season!


Yes its not an official confirmation, and yes it is an assumption on my behalf.

But dont you find it strange that Green was mentioned in the same ilk as a known delisted player? I mean we have other out of contract players playing this weekend but they weren’t mentioned.

I think its a safe assumption that he will be finishing up at the conclusion of the VFL finals series.


He dosent have a contract. It is the end of the season. That suggests one or both parties are happy to see what happens. With no 2019 contract it is potentially his last game in red and black.


Let’s hope so


You’re still guessing though. It’s not confirmation


Given it was taped, I tend to lean towards Chris’s interpretation that this is a deliberate hand grenade to get up the Corgi. When up and firing, doing the 1%ers and showing desperation, he is definitely AFL worthy, it’s just that Bag’s went past him and he hasn’t been showing enough in the second half of the season.

If he has a great finals series he may well be kept for depth given Bag’s isn’t getting younger. If he is just so so, the grenade will go off.


Get rid.




If Bags has his contract on hold then surely that means Green is goneski… I know he is younger, but if he isn’t getting a game this year with Bags playing fwd, Lav injured and Begley injured then he is depth on depth. He also only plays one position.


Thanx though Corgi. Always a fan of a scab goal as long as it was for us.




He’s having a day out!


We know what he is by now. He’s too good for VFL footy. He is a good AFL player but to survive as a forward pocket in the AFL these days you have to be able to put on the defensive pressure, and if you don’t do that you have to be Eddie Betts good at kicking goals and be a perennial 50-60 goal a season player to offset the lack of defence. I do like him. But Bags probably has done him out of a spot…


Maybe just an illusion from the minimal frames, but Joe’s groins look as fluid as a church door in that. Can’t believe he played four matches after that.


I’m to fat to go in the cannon but this little fella is not


Stellar quarter of footy from the Corgi

He can certainly turn it on. Marks and set shots. Snaps. Seagull’n.

First finals footy he has played in 8yrs he said post match. Hopefully we keep winning over next few weeks.


we’re gunna need a bigger cannon


alternatively, @bombers1 can stand in front of it.