#15 Josh Green - delisted


Any number of St Kilda players


I think he’s been to the Brent Guerra academy of hair


No thanks.


Ok? Wait until bd finds out how bad you rate him.


You mean outside Mitch Brown.

Or that big new GC ruck/fwd.




What special list? He’s a standard Cat A rookie.


Did that make you feel better?




Zac Guthrie looks like he’s stumbled onto a footy field in search of pokemon


Now I feel even sorrier for him.


Oh, hell no.


It’s sad but thousands and thousands have been through it before.


The article is more about struggling with mental health and how speaking about it and dealing with loss and uncertainty are okay and natural for everyone.

It is a good read and I hope it helps people understand that what they say on forums can, and often is, read by players and their families.


I was quite surprised by this news as I thought he still offered alot to the list as our 3rd/4th small forward who could genuinely kick a bag. To me I thought he was our best performed forward at the start of the year before his injury. But maybe I valued him more than most because I still think of the 15 long years that passed by where our only noteworthy small forwards was Alwyn Davey and a one season cameo from Damien Cupido. All of a sudden we had a trio (Raz, Walla, Green) of them!

Clearly theres more to the scenario than what I see on the TV though. I thought his pace and defensive pressure was underrated on here but even if that part was at an acceptable level, not following the gameplan in an era of systematic structure is gonna hurt you!

I’ll give the club the benefit of doubt for now, and assume that they’ve got targets in mind to replace Green (and Jerrett) and our overall small forward depth. Right now we have 3 very reliable players in the 22 - Raz, Walla, Bags. But after that we have almost nothing… Knee reco Begley who is seen as more of HF/future midfield prospect. Laverde similar marking HF/mid. Smith/Zaka/McGrath/Parish are predominantly mids. Ideally I’d be looking at least another 2 small forwards to add to the list whether that’s a benfti draft special or through trade period e.g. rumours about Shai Bolton, Wingard, etc.


If he wants to continue at AFL level, I think Geelong will give him a chance. If anyone has read the article he wrote on the AFLPlayers association page, you’ll understand that there’s more than meets the eye with Josh’s situation.


I’m not having a go at anyone but I always feel a bit uncomfortable when players talk about the social media bullying they experience. It’s easy to assume that they are removed from it but Josh’s words are a reminder that cheap shots can still hurt their targets - especially if they come from your own club’s fanbase.


I liked him too, but when you have a 25 year old who is a known quantity you have to ask the question “how much more does he contribute than a talented kid?”

In Josh’s case I think the answer is “not enough”


While I sort of get what you say, if you are bullied on social media or even in mainstream media, you do have options.

  • You can just ignore it, unfriend, unfollow or just leave FB, Twitter etc alone.

  • You can react and give it back to the turds who bully

  • Or you can take it all personally and let it eat at you, between withdrawn and increase your mental health issues.

I have always been confident enough in myself to laugh off bullies and the extreme critics, but when you are working as hard as you can, thinking you are doing a good job and being lauded by many, it does hurt when your performance and all that goes with it is questioned in a brutal way. Most of us who make comments about players on Blitz are really just thinking out loud, and don’t intend for the players and umpires to read or hear our opinion.

On one hand Players should understand that being a Bomber supporter is an emotional experience and that when our emotions get out of hand, stupidity follows. That said, on the other hand, if we all accept that Josh Green et al , may be reading Blitz, then it is time to think a bit before we post.


People in social media - here, for example - should ALWAYS keep this in mind.
On-line is real life. Don’t forget it.

Not many people know this, but at the time, I was diagnosed with severe anxiety and was put on medication and was seeing someone to help deal with it.

I can confidently say that if it wasn’t for the support of both footy clubs, my family and my girlfriend, I don’t know where I would be.

The constant pressure to perform and constant social media bullying were the main things I struggled with, and this will be something I have to deal with for the rest of my life.