#15 Josh Green - delisted


Best of the luck to you and your loved ones. Thanks for being part of the Essendon family Josh.


Green can consider himself a success for slaying Collingwood on Anzac Day, it’s a joy not many ever experience.


Everyone is different and everyone copes in different ways. Some can walk away, others can’t. For some it is water off a ducks back, for others it gets under the skin.

Putting all the ways to resolve this on the victim is not really the right answer. What should be happening is people calling out the bully abusive behaviour and telling them to stop. It should happen on here more often but doesn’t until it gets really bad. We have all been bullied and we have all bullied on here, we should start learning from it and try and stop it, not easy but we should (we includes me).


Wasn’t that what the second part of @Bacchusfox 's post was covering? We should assume players see what we write on a public forum.


If players do read sites like this, I only have one thing to say.



Good article. Surprising, vulnerable side to Josh Green.



Been told the reason Green was given his delisting news week of the prelim was due to his demands to know what his position would be next year. Was getting a little bit bitter and angry at not knowing.

Exactly as most of us assumed. Noticed a few querying why we’d deliver shattering news days before a big game and the answer is the most obvious one in this case.


I’ve never been bullied on social media. I’ll have to get an account and see what all the fuss is about.


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He was delisted due to that stupid video of him off his chops ■■■■■■ where he tells the story of that pies players grandma dying. As soon as senior management saw it he was gone and barely played again




Don’t worry pre, it’s rubbish.


That’s a pretty big statement. Oh boy




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Won’t last long at this rate.

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