#15 Josh Green - delisted


I think he’s fighting for a spot with Begley and Laverde. Who ever can bring the most pressure will get the gig. We have the fire power to kick the goals already so the extra spot is who can force turnovers from the forward half. If they can’t cause that then we will probably go an extra mid or defender and rest a mid more often inside 50. I think Orazio and Walla will spend more time up the ground so an extra FWD will be the priority.


Again, like Myers, I hope he has a great year, but ultimately is just outside the 22 as back up.


Josh will be very good back up if we need to cover for one of our small forwards. You are never going to get anywhere without 30+ guys who can run through your firsts team without the standard dropping too much. Players like Josh are the extra bodies you need.


I personally still think he will play plenty of games.

Smith is doing 70:30 or greater mid /fwd. That means when Raz or TIPPA is switched into their pinch hit midfield stint or benched Smith will be resting fwd.

Maintaining forward pressure is paramount, especially around 3 talls, the game is moving towards having as many quick pressuring players as possible.


I think Green is depth but really good depth. I’d rate Dea good depth to compare not that anyone rates what I think!
Green will get games but how many will depend on how others that are younger (and personally I think more talented) go. I think he’ll need injuries to play and no doubt that will happen. He is genuinely a good player so hopefully he can really play well and keep the pressure on others to create high performance.


Geez you hate Greenies.


Reckon he did enough in the intra-club to earn his round 1 spot.

Was busy, and generally productive. Will they play a specialist small forward though… I don’t know.


JLT form will go along way to cement his place, but definitely agree that he looked good yesterday.


He is just to dangerous to leave out of the side. Does some things that ■■■■ me off, but he is a ■■■■■■ good small fwd. I for one think we have room for Tippa, Raz, Smith, and Green in our best 22.


I think Green has room for improvement beyond what he produced last year.

So hopefully some of those annoying things aren’t seen this year.

But in general, all he has to do is get back to the goal-kicking accuracy he had prior to coming to play for us. Do that, and we’ll be pretty happy, even if everything else stayed the same.


No love for Stewart nor Green then?
l doubt that Smith and Stringer will both be rested in the forward line together very often. So who starts forward and who plays midfield? We have legit 8 forwards or at least players who can go forward and make an impact, with four of them rotating through the midfield at various times. The pressure will be on the opposition the entire time, and also on the players to perform or risk being dropped. All this without even considering Laverde, Langford and Begley, plus whoever else might put their hand up. Green played well yesterday, made the most of his opportunities when they came.

A delicious, mouth watering dilemma to have.


I don’t rate green. Stewart’s on the bench I just gave my starting forward line.


And Dodoro said he’s much fitter than when he came last year.

Don’t underestimate fatigue during games as one reason why the kicking was a bit off.


Green is a good little player and a workhorse. Just looking at our list we have a tonne of guys that’s best position is forward then not many guys that are full time mids. A big difference from 2 years ago when we were struggling for forward options.


He played a good game & clearly wants to be in the team. He was actually pretty good defensively & did a lot of things I wouldn’t have expected of the little terrier. I would like to see him given a chance in the JLT and if he is good enough defensively perhaps he can break into the main squad.
Hard work & determination, discipline and impact win flags - not show boating. Good to see he has stopped show boating.


Gets a best 22 game forever based purely on this.


lol at West Coast for giving that flog #1


Especially when he’s a massive number 2.


Thought he was very good on Saturday.

Looks really zippy and his decision making around the contest is underrated around here. His hands are actually really good and seems to hit the right target more often than not.

A lot depends on how they structure the forwardline but on talent he’s best 22 IMO.


Green fitted in well last year in terms of understanding the structures, particularly his need to get up the ground and was good in offensive transition - He is not a naturally defensive player, so often has that second of hesitation in which he decides he can impact the contest, which means he sometimes misses - This part is mind-set and can undoubtedly be further developed.