#15 Josh Green


Agree. Best 22 for mine


Yes it Will, it will mean someone who has taken his place is playing better football than he can produce.


Greens the sort of bloke who looks like hes not going to do much damage… a stumpy little rustnut… consequently opposition players go to Fant and smith leaving Green to kick a lazy 3 from 10 touches. Would have him in my 22


He was best 22 in 2017, not sure about 2018.


Greene WSPHU


I love the green.


I’m still wondering what the hold-up was with his signing.

The only thing I can think of is that he was last so we knew what we had left in the cap to offer him. Can’t imagine that they seriously considered delisting him.

Unless of course it’s about the foot.


I still don’t agree

Green had better pressure acts/points IIRC than both TIPPA and Raz so notion Smith and in particular Stringer will come in to do similar flawed.

Stringer is not a pressure fwd, at 192cm he’s been playing an undersized kpf for them, he isn’t taking the spot of any of our small fwds, it’d be one of our talls out if he started in fwd line which isn’t the plan anyway. Smith whilst has had good success as a HFF and loves to tackle moved to us to play & start as a mid. He may go fwd at times but that would be interchanging with our actual fwds, e.g. TIPPA

As for Begley. Yes he played at end of year, only because opportunity allowed it with some of our first choice 3 small fwds out & Howlett not getting it done as cover. Also the club sees him as an inside mid so next phase for him will be big minutes in 2’s as a mid over playing as a fwd pocket.



Except that he was offered a contract by Brisbane and he chose to leave


At the media conference:


I thought he knocked it back at the beginning of 2016 and they then took it off the table and he subsequently got the sack




I think he was haggling for more money

Seemingly was angling to leave anyway but probably trying to get a pay me well enough and I’ll stay deal but then Lions reading the play just cut him over the going through trade period and having to deal with bad PR of another good young Lions player leaving them thing.


Its interesting. On one hand you could argue Tippa gave us better returns. Green’s not as good as Orazio etc.

But on the other hand his scoring efforts this year were on a par with Paul Puopulo in Hawthorns premiership years. And doubt any would argue Poppy was overrated through that period or tbat the club shouldn’t have offered him another contract or is not in frame for best 22 etc.

I think other players will have to push him out of his role in the fwd line if they want the spot.

Perhaps its other players that need to step up to bring us the success we want.


Running with the Bull…

How has it been travelling with a few of your teammates?

Gleeson: Been great travelling with the boys and doing some really good training, also been great sharing a room with Bull (Josh Green)


Marty would be used to redheads…coming from what’s said to be the most Irish town in Australia.


Plenty of talk in the Myers thread regarding where he fits in. Similarly I’m having some trouble settling on whether Josh makes the round 1 side or not.

We struggled for so long to find a good small forward. And he is a good small forward, although he didn’t have his best year last year.

Having stated that, our forward line overall was as good as its been in a loooong time.

I’m very aware of how much promise Begley showed when he got his chance in the forward line… and he held his spot into the elimination final.

I’m leaning towards Begley over Green with a view to building into the future. But they do have different strengths and weaknesses. And I am mindful that I think Green can perform better than he did in 2017.



He will get games, but pressure will be on him. Signing Stringer and Smith, that’s 2 extra players who will spend time forward. For a one position player as Green pretty much is, he has to make the most of every opportunity. That is score goals, assist, apply defensive pressure. Forward pocket is probably one of the most unforgiving positions in the game if that is all you are. You either have to be Eddie Betts good in terms of goalscoring, or bring manic defence to the table such as Walla or someone like that. I think he had an OK season last year, but it still translated to just 17 goals from 17 games with a disposal average of 11 a game. That won’t cut it in 2018.


for me it depends on if they’re set on begley being a 100% midfielder, if they’re happy for him to play 2-3 seasons as a small forward with the odd midfield rotation he’d be replacing green.

however i don’t think green makes the 22 even with begley not pushing for it. Stringer and smith probably keep him out.

Raz joe walla
smith hooker stringer

now admittedly, stringer, smith, zaka, lav, lang raz, and walla are all rotating through the midfield as they all have the capability to rotate through midfield and forward line, i question green’s ability to do this.