#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley

Who else thinks that this guy could play the same role as Townie and offer something ?

Townies bruising game isn’t sustainable especially with so many games in such a short period.

I think that Begley could Play this role very well. His kicking was sublime when he first arrived, and I have heard that he is running out games well, and his kicking has been much better.


I agree here. Townsend has been okay. Some decent games and some poor games and I get that he would bring a lot to the training track, but I would like to see if Begley can do what Towner does. We won’t be winning finals this year at this rate. We should give players on the list an opportunity to suggest they could win us games on the regular. If they don’t suggest that, move them on.

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I’m in the camp that Begley is a midfielder or bust. He’s already proven he’s no good as a forward

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He actually proved/showed he wasn’t fully up to the task at the time mate, . that’s all.

Wonder why folk don’t get that a certain period of time/games, is not a forever thing with Footy Players?

That they are always learning and growing, … & have different Mental phases due to all sorts of things, Footy, & Non Footy related.

Not having a crack at you specifically aboods, but … One Swallow, . etc.

And I mean it’s not like there’s any shortage of players that got absolutely shitcanned for a year or 2 & then became absolute fking guns, AA’s etc, … so I just don’t get the auto write offs after limited exposure of young players. It’s baffling.


I’m not sure he will make it at either, but I’d love for us to find out after a handful of consecutive games.


That’s a fair call. I was surprised just now to look at his 2019 stats and see he averaged 12 disposals. I thought it was less than 10.

Like every player on our list I really hope he turns it around.

I reckon Colyer is a great example of someone who turned it around when most of us thought he was done and dusted. 2014 was his 5th year on the list. Seemed out of favour in the first half of the year and out of contract. But then exploded with career best form in the second half of 2014 and first half of 2015 before injury and the saga held him back.

It would be great for someone to surprise us all and have a burst of form in the second half of the year


He needs to find that creative, powerful leg again. Last year he wasn’t getting a lot of it but when he was he was absolutely butchering the ball. The year before his kicking looked a real weapon. He definitely isn’t a forward but a mix of inside out side mid who can run all day and use it well, maybe… it’s worth finding out.


I doubt him playing midfield in the VFL is for the intention of playing him in a midfield position permanently.

He will play forward with midfield rotations.

Unless you are either a jet mid like shiel or a gun general forward like Toby Greene then you have to play both to respectable level. Its all about rotations and running up and down the oval.

He’s got the tank, he can play forward, hopefully he can have an impact in the middle.

I just don’t see him as a forward, poor overhead and not enough zip.

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Small sample size but I thought he was pretty good forward before he got injured. He’s smart and his kicking skills were a weapon before his injury.

I think he’s worth persisting with but who knows what happens if they reduce list sizes.

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You know this club is farked when Begley is our answer to success!

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I don’t remember that. I do remember he was (is?) a dead eye ■■■■ in front of goal

He’s a capable forward. It’s just tough being a medium sized forward in our set up.

We don’t move the ball out of contests effectively, so most of the time they are getting bombs sent in for every one to scrap over. For some reason, we can’t lower our yes and find the mid to short range leading target coming in to the F50, which is a complete detriment. The forward line seems to be instructed to press all the way up the field to provide pressure and running options, but due to the speedy nature of our back and middle, it becomes harrowingly difficult for the forwards to race back in time to create a clear lead.

If he were to be a forward, it’d be along the lines of Melkshems role at Melbourne.

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I miss the Fridge.
I’m going to do myself a favour and rewatch round one 2018 just for that begley goal in the last quarter.


I’ve said it before this bloke would make a great tagger and run him through the middle so he runs through people and bowls them over, no head high contact of course. He’s a man made bruiser.

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Stuff it - give everyone a go this year. If you can’t get a run in the next few months of compressed fixture, writing’s on the wall for you


I just remember thinking he had a perfect goal kicking action, closest to Plugger I have seen. Happy we finally had found a accurate forward.

Don’t mind this idea at all.

How many players have you seen him run through or bowl over? I don’t reckon he’s a particularly physical player, and if he’s going to get a look in it will be on a wing. Potentially he could offer more than Hams or Cutler in this role.

Its not hard to learn is it. Altho sadly, the coach doesn’t believe in such things as taggers only in his own flawed game plan.

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