#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Begley is a funny one.

He is built like a tank, and isn’t afraid to throw the body around. However I have a perception that he struggles to find the ball in a pack.

As such, I wonder if he isn’t best suited to a wing, even though he is built like a brick shithouse.

Certainly has some wonderful skills, and has seemed good one on one, but we have to feed him the ball or he doesn’t get enough of it.

Anyway, that’s what I think I’m seeing at present.


All teams actually aim to feed the ball to their forwards, and the forwards role is to get into good positions to receive the ball and score. Even so, most forwards struggle to get more than 15 touches.
But give the guy a break. He has only played 8 games at AFL level.


Doesn’t someone have to play it?
Or do you change the role of a 6th forward?
Is the role different in other structures and or teams?
The role defends the opposition from having a spare but in a way takes the player from what we perceive as an impact. Coaches would love it but spectators see it as decoy, role of death.


I think the reference to feeding him the ball is also based on watching Fridge on ball in the Twos.
Unlike blokes such as Clarke, Mynott, or Mutch (who can also stay wide to receive) Fridge doesn’t AS YET throw himself into the middle of the contest to grab the ball or opponent.
He’s hoping to receive the give, and use his strength to break any tackles and burst clear.

A development issue - no problem with him receiving, but he needs to balance this with a bit more grunt work. Actually learning from Tippa and Fanta who both midfield in this more balanced way would be useful.


I cant tell you what other sides do because I only watch Essendon play and whoever their opponent is at the time.

My question is though, is it in the best interest of a developing young kid?

The role itself may be crucial but is it giving Laverde the best opportunity to become the player he can be?

I thought the same about Langford when he was continually played there. The best thing they could have done for him was play him permanent mid at VFL level and now he looks like he could finally fulfill his potential.


It gives them a taste I guess.
If it’s a required positional role at afl level would you prefer a more experienced, better player to play that role? Shouldn’t it be the position of the least experienced mid/fwd player to fill that role?
What benefit is there if we put let’s say Merrett there and let the most inexperienced player go up the pecking order of midfield rotation?


For me it would actually make more sense that a more specialist player like Jerrett plays that role and the player with the higher ceiling does an apprenticeship in a midfield role.

Both Begley and Laverde have had a taste as an AFL player and its my opinion they need to start upskilling.

I watch a lot of VFL and I don’t believe it to be a demotion as some on here believe. It’s an opportunity to sink your teeth into playing a more prominent role and building your confidence.


Wash your mouth out with soap and water. Laverde is already twice the player Wendell ever was.


Jerrett had his papers stamped early on in 2018 I reckon, they probably preferred to give guys with a future games instead, Laverde showed his ability forward against Port.

From what I could tell the 7th forward role changed a bit, initially it seemed like an afterthought and they just played the best available forward (Begley) and it didn’t really have a defined role other than filling the gaps, Baguley turned it into a defense-first pressuring forward and learned to pop-up in the right spots. After this year’s draft, we will have a few more options for that position so it’ll be interesting to see what they come up with; I wouldn’t be surprised if McGrath gets a stint.

I agree, now that we’ve given them a good taste of AFL football and our list is in a great position players will be made to earn their spot and VFL will become a battleground of young and old players trying to prove themselves to the coaches. Hopefully, the coaches will be less tolerant of poor performances and good VFL performances are rewarded, and those who are dropped are able to use the VFL the way Parish and Langford did.


Jerrett delisted.
It’s either Baguley, 4th tall fwd, spare midfielder or youth to play as our 6th fwd.


Maybe Ridley is an option just to give him an extended run in the seniors.

Anyway, I’m sure the clubs all over it.


He’s got this annoying habit of being BOG as soon as he’s fit.
What an idiot.


I agree that he a future midfielder, but it is incorrect that he didn’t play midfield at TAC level. I believe he spent most of the second half of his last TAC year playing midfield.


Yeah Langers had that same problem.

Stayed in the 2’s working on his craft

Edit: And for the record I thought his form was a little overstated on here.


Out of our young guys still pushing for a best 22 spot, my rank is:

  1. Ridley
  2. Begley
  3. Redman
  4. Laverde
  5. Mutch
  6. Clarke

I already see Guelfi and Langford in our best 22 by the way.




Added :smiley:


Totally disagree. Alot of people under-estimate myers and his importance to the structure of our midfield. Under worsfold especially he would be one one of the first names down on the team sheet.


I think Guelfi will get games due to injuries, but I don’t think he’s best 22 by a long shot. Otherwise, I’d move Redman up to #1 in your list, and Clarke up to #4.

Although really, Draper is the clear #1 IMO. Looks seriously good (not to say he could push Belly out or anything, but I think he’s the most ready of the guys outside the best 22 to step in and play at AFL level).


I agree.

Draper should get games this year.