#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Do you classify him as mid?

Pretty sure my argument is that he is not!


My argument is that he’s had such little continuity with fitness that he hasn’t had the opportunity to develop into any particular role yet. You can’t blame the coaches for injuries.


Maybe. The thing that’s hard with him is we’ve only seen the best of him for a few games, every 3-4 months.


Larger in comparison to what what happening previously.

Hardly a huge stint or anything though.

He averaged 21 disposals at VFL level which is a clear indication he was not playing a high percentage of football in the guys.


My argument is that he can still get continuity at VFL level whilst also getting the opportunity to work on midfields craft.

We don’t agree and that’s ok.


At least Jayden’s not fat, like some of the players


They aren’t going to play him in a more permanent onball position at VFL level until his fitness is up to it

And certainly not going to when he comes into AFL side either as per what’s happening with Stringer


Plenty of kids straight out of u18 play midfield at VFL level.

Even some play it AFL level.


Yes those with the fitness/tank to do so

But more often than not they are put into HFF/HBF positions to work their way up to being able to cope

I think people fail to realise just because a player is back into full training doesn’t mean they are able to play full time mid minutes.

And those who keep getting injured are always having to play catch up again on their fitness as opposed to being able to build and build their tank


From what I know Laverde was always a utility even at u18 level.

Maybe the club has no faith in him to make the transition.


I’d say it’s just certain supporters not the club

This from late 2017…


Do you think he will transition and if so who do you think he will replace?


I don’t think you can make this leap
Clarke 27 disp
Mutch avg 24 disp
Redman 22
Mynott 19
Ridley 18
(Can’t find it for A Heppell)

An avg of 21 is up there. Particularly given he came back from injury, twice, in his 9 games.


Yet you were saying he was best on ground each game


IMO he will transition but not be a permanent mid. More just in a rotation with Stringer who they have a plan to play more and more midfield.

Neither will have tank for full time
mid, so if 50/50 split will work.

Myers the one whose position they’ll takeover




I think the line for the Myers role is pretty long now.


I attend most games and Laverde plays predominantly forward


It may not be blatantly obvious, granted, but with increased stamina, he could become a surprise in the middle in my opinion. People talk about his ‘straight line running’ - which I think is crap. Hopefully, we’ll see.


So much chit chat about Laverde/Begley forward or mid…

Both players will play both roles…forward AND mid. The end.