#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Except swanny thrived off white powder to get his skin folds down


not in the same league …yet


I think I know who does the PR massaging… but by the style of the two I’d say Begley had more influence than Dea in how they came together. Either way, some quality content.


Begley is tracking really well and I think he’s back in the mix for round 1. I hope he gets up for one of the JLT games and cements a spot.
Beside Shiel I don’t think anyone is looking as physically good as this guy. Body shape is so similar to dusty it’s uncanny, the fridge is a serious unit.


I’d be surprised if he played round one. Has to put in an absolutely superb JLT to be considered for it IMO.


Would love to see him in the side in round one, but have to agree that he is up against it.

He would need to kick an absolute bag full & grab a heap of high quality possessions ( set em up) in both JLT’s to make the side.

Yeah he is pretty much a lock for round one…


He just needs to dominate the next 4 weeks of training, I don’t think he has to be spectacular in JLT. I’m pretty sure he’s no longer in the rehab group but this weeks match sim will tell otherwise.


His best value to the team would be his brut strength

WE need it as we have several if not many lightly built players


Besides McGrath, of course.


May need to dial down the deodorant for match days perhaps.


In my opinion there is a forward line spot for him if he is good enough.

Needs to be better than Baguley and Laverde to get it.

You can make a strong argument for each of them.


Maybe to be one of the midfield Lynx.


Can kick & consistently effect the contest so he’s got Lav covered.

If it’s about age & speed then he’s got Bags covered. But Bags is a tough umbre so not sure if he will get past him.

Who ever performs better out of Bags & Begs gets the nod. I know they are different players and bring different things, but ultimately it’s anout goals and contests, Begs can deliver on both, Bags is a way better pressure player not so many goals*

  • per possession


I suggest you have a look at Bags goal tally from last season.

Total or average he has Begley covered.


I agree with that, it’s between those two for the last spot in the forward line for me too.

Begs, despite being better offensivley, will need to show the same aggression and defensive ability which comes naturally to Baguley, as that was the primary purpose of the 7th forward in 2018.

Coaches may make tweaks though.


What am I missing with Begs being better offensively?




We’ve seen Baguley as a defender for a few years now but if you ever venture down to training you might see little cameos of Bags the small forward goalsneak. He loves a goal and always has. He’s very accurate and loves giving grief to his opposition.


And I reckon every single training session I’ve watched from way back, Bags ends up kicking a few goals.


That’s what I was thinking.

Bags out performs Begs in just about every metric available.

I love both players but Bags brings far more defensively and also more in attack. He should get first crack.