#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Totally agree. The young fellas have to earn it.


Absolutely correct. He’s a great shot and just loves it. I watched once as Bags put through goal after goal after everybody else had gone into the hangar. Mark Thompson came out and yelled at him to get inside to participate in whatever less interesting activities they had going on.


Very happy to hear the argumeents in favour of Bags. I like having him in the side I am however a massive fan of Begley.

Such different players.

I like both.

Bags throws everything at it. A guy not blessed with height, speed, skills but jezzuz man he brings so much fire and grit and ferocity to the contest. What he lacks he makes up and them some in passion. He is a leader on the field by his actions.

The thing is that is see these things with Bagley, without the tank in a bigger, faster younger body.

Realistically though Begley simply doesn’t have the legs yet. If he can smash it in the JLT with lots of goals & assists etc maybe we can squueze him in somehow.

Not sure. Reckon we might need to wait a until some injuries before he can get a crack. So it’s Bags for now

Same would have to be said for many other guys waiting in the wings.
Lav, Gleeson, Ambrose, Ridley, Zerk, Redman, Stewart, Brown, ZClark, Hartley, Dea ( even )

We have some good depth. I like it .


He’s flying but McGrath’s physique is nothing compared to Shiel and Begley.


Maybe not quite ‘nothing’.


I’ll take Begley’s quads and Shiel’s calves every day of the week.


Bagleys arms have a touch of the Mr Sunbury about them



I love best 22 debates when people don’t actually list 22.

Would be surprised if Baguley is in the rnd 1 side…

Begley just as surprised. But would be awesome.


I’m a leg man when it comes to footy players & Begleys are Dustyesque


Preseason post pub Monday nights!
It’s all about the potential


Your McGrath obsession is turning into killer mike’s Langford obsession. However McGrath is the better bet.


If neither Bags or Begs is in your 22, who do you have instead?


Hey, I love Begs also.


Lol who is the better looking bird?


Disagree. He was in the team from the start last year until his injury. Is highly rated within the coaching group!


Put him on Dustin Martin in the centre bounces


The real question is how many more slabs of beer can you fit into the “fridge” this preseason compared to the last?

My guess is at least four. That’s a whole lot of beer.


Begley is a more natural forward and has more avenues to goal. Baguley knows how to get to the right spots often for the easy goals, which is something we have generally lacked, it’s one thing Begley should add with more experience.

Begley’s footskills would also setup more goals for his teammates and I’d venture to say that he would offer more through the middle of the ground than Baguley would.

Ultimately, though I think the coaches will go with the player they think can offer the most defensively to the forwardline, which at this stage is Baguley.


General consensus on blitz would be that back 5 locks are
Hurley, hooker, francis, McKenna, saad.

Final 2 spots are likely out of Redman, Ridley and Gleeson and possibly Ambrose and Dea. I like any combination of the first 3 on form.

You only have 5 starting mids before they move to flanks

So shiel, heppell, zerret, zakka and McGrath are 5. With Belly Ruck.

Daniher, smack, walla, fantasia, stringer and another mid, lets say Smith

Which leaves 3 on bench.

Langford and parish are almost locks (I think they are). Myers is in leadership group. Guelfi is our most flexible midsized role player.

That’s 23 players. And really. There is only 1 spot available for Myers, laverde, guelfi, begley, baguley, etc.

Unless they play Heppell or McGrath as one of the back 7 rotations but I doubt they will. Not with the half back talent that will be sitting in the VFL.