#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Quarter, … if we’re being real.

How good is that adrenaline spurt in a good debutant??

And so often. it’s all spent by qtr time, … stil, … one of the best debut’s we’ve had for a long time.


Since round 1?


He really is a big boy.
Only 19.
There was a lot to like after the first quarter, too.

I hope this is the start of a beautiful friendship between him and Stewart.


If only someone had thought of BBB earlier?


Uh huh, . yeah, . sure mate.

No worries …


Imagine being one of the Upper Gully boys playing alongside him 18 months ago, watching tonight. Fridge has worked his ■■■■ off to get into the current shape he’s in. Wrapt to see him in the middle of the song after the game.


He gets in great positions too, I think he’ll be an excellent player for us, looking forward to seeing him have a big future with us. Nowhere near the finished article yet, he goes quiet for longer periods but when he’s on he’s on and it’s exactly why kids like him should be pushed over the failed older guys like Howlett.


Not the first time I’ve seen an Esky* get drowned, … but by far the most enjoyable.

(*He was a Fridge when he arrived, . but we took that thing and made it mobile … very fkn mobile…)


Good brain and goes hard.
That’s a good start.
Oh, his kicking doesn’t suck either.


A lot of good things to like, that long goal was a good sign from a kid


Had to love that the boys call him: “Hodor” :joy:


Lots to like, upward trajectory. Now it’s Mutch’s turn.


I wonder if they call him “chully bun” in NZ.


I know he’s BBB and Fridge and all that so it’s hardly a surprise, but when he’s lining up for goal in that video he seriously looks as though he’s going to end up shaped like Kennedy from the swans.


2 goals in 10 odd mins, compared to someone who hasn’t kicke a goal now in 4 games … The coaches know best.


Farkinell you guys know how to ruin a party while jerking yourselves off


Stop being such a gloomer. Can’t you be happy that Beglay played well?


Jerking yourself off never ruins a party, well not the ones I get invited too.


First 3 kicks made goals.

Then easily kicks his second regulation set shot of qtr to finish it up.

Most unessington debut performance ever.


Played really well, well done big boi