#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Soggy Bikkie party??


A Sheddy like debut.

Know when to hold them, … know when to throw them …

Good Coaching. Farking excellent!!!



Has killer instinct with the ball in hand. Give the guy a few yards of grass and he’ll do something with the ball. Must’ve been marked pretty closely second quarter onwards but still brought a well rounded debut with the tackling, pressure and positioning off the ball. Has natural footballer written all over him.


Beware of his probable come down folks.

We live in hope as ever, … but It was a large debut, and it might be a while before he emulates that on a regular basis.


A young player inconsistent? I don’t believe it!


Keep him the ■■■■ in.




Woosha is flogging himself just thinking about being able to bring Howlett back in.


Why do they call him Hodor?


Looks like him


So we should drop him before he has a quiet one?


almost like we should debut guys before the 2nd last week of h&a


What is Hodor’s size and sex?


No matter how good they were at TAC level, or even VFL level, you never know if a player is going to make the jump to AFL level until they actually play there.

Begley is clearly good enough to make the jump. Very impressive debut.


I have one piece of advice for Begley.

Stay the fck away from anyone at the club who’s trying to give you goal kicking advice. You’re better than 99% of the list, and don’t be dragged down to Essington level. Many players and coaches will try and change your technique and mindset to kicking goals. You need to tell them to fck off, it’s perfect.


Bet you always enjoy the biscuit afterwards, eh?




Be good to talk about BBB without putting down other players.


Oh of course, Large Male Begley. LMB!