#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


He will hodor permanently open to senior selection.


Loved the hunger from BBB when he ran into Joe’s space, marked on the lead in front of Joe and went back and goaled.

Thats hunger from a debutant!!!


Am I the only one that thinks ‘The Fridge’ is a far more awesome nickname than ‘Big Boi’?

Big Boi makes me think about Brian Taylor and Ben Macavoy.


Hear, hear.

Worsfold seemed to imply in the post-match press conference that Fantasia being injured was part of the reason why the spot opened up, but he should’ve come in weeks and weeks ago either at the expense of Howlett or Colyer (particularly the former, who took seven senior games and did nothing as usual). To my mind this season is a “B+”, but could’ve easily been an “A” had we got the same results with more games given to the most prospective young guys (Begley, Langford, Mutch) in place of what i see as largely wasted senior game time on Howlett, Colyer and Myers.


He does look like Hodor.


Never in doubt.


Concur with this.

(Although I think Colyer has more to give)


Let me guess. SAO’s and a few mates right?


Beat me too it (excuse the pun)


I’m a fan. The problem for him has been that he’s only a first year kid and our forwardline has been the best in the AFL other than Adelaides.

I would have liked him to get a game when Raz got injured but also didnt mind giving Howlett a few games to see if he still has it. We need to assess the list and show some loyalty to hard working types with runs on the board. Such a hard balance.

I didnt have access to Foxtel so didnt see the game. how did he go after quarter time? did he run out the game or tire?


Things got pretty messy in our forward area after halftime. Became very congested, ping-ponged in and out constantly, over-defended - basically - a designed mess by GC. Begs kinda got lost in there like others.


Green’s had 2 injury stints, Raz has been out for 2 or 3 now. And we shuffled through a few options and combinations before settling on Stewart as the 3rd big.

There’s been opportunities.


Big Boi makes me think of big, fat, Koi. So I much prefer the nickname that doesn’t make me think of fish.


I just want to quote this again, in BOLD


Gonna get a sky writer to put it above tulla.


So a bloke who demands a call up comes in and does the job, any chance that by being made to earn the position he walks a bit taller and plays with more confidence.

If we won a couple we should have, we would be in a battle for the top 4. Not too many kids get played for the sake of it in those teams.

Was at the game, how good was the roar of the crowd when the Fridge kicked his first.


Going to become an absolute beast


So damaging with the ball, his kicking and decision making was sublime. Tough, hard at it, good overhead, and powerful. could be anything. One of those players who can do a lot of damage with limited ball. Hopefully in time he builds a tank to become the inside break away mid we are crying out for. Very impressed!!!


reminds me of the class of song with the Don’t forget the Sunscreen…


He is so Billy Duckworth in build and looks it is uncanny. If he can have a career like Billy, I will be very very happy for him.