#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley




That pinpoint pass to Stewart from the wing. Going back and the shot from close to 50. Along with Oirish’s goal, were two highlights of the game.

I’m not expecting too much given how young he is and Green being done for the year, it’s a big gamble (Raz to come back) but BBB should be quietly told on Thursday he’s a lock from here on, to mentally relax but keep working hard. Should things go to plan against Freo, I hope he gets overlooked and underrated (due to inexperience) by September opposition in the finals, as he looks like the type who could be capable of a Stewie Dew type cameo if let loose.

That’s the beauty of a potent forwardline.




Used to look like this:


Cooney on SEN yesterday:

“Good debut from Begley, he’s a big boy”.



Whereas it’ll be a cold day in hell before Howlett looks that good up forward


Howlett did have that one bizarre game against richmond after they kept him out of all football for a month and he came in and got 25 and kicked 5 goals. That was a bizarre little episode across the board.

I don’t remember the weather though.


I didn’t watch much of the game.
I know Begley is known for his size but how about his pace?
Is he quick or slow?


I wouldn’t describe him as quick but he’s definitely not slow. So, normal speed I guess?


You don’t have to have pace to be quick.


Quicker than david myers?


Good burst but not that quick. Generally reads it well and knows where he should be going, which makes him look a bit quicker.


God yes.


Top speed maybe not, agility and acceleration easily quicker. IMO.




So in all the important ways.


Next year I’d like to see:

HF: Raz. Hooker. Begley

F: Stewart. Joe. Walla


I need a montage


2018, I’d love to see he and Langers as the inside beasts.


Or this year!