#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


I don’t reckon either of them will play. Hooker and orazio are no brainer swaps for them


Liked him taking contested marks on the edge of his range and quickly getting back, and kicking low bullets to leading forwards. Exactly the fwd/front half mid we need


Perhaps more dependent what defensive structure they want to roll with. 3 talls or Gleeson as the 3rd with Goddard rolling back to help fill the hole. If they go the 3 talls then Begley likely misses out along with Lav and Hocking. If they swap Hurls for Hartley then Begs probably stays with Hocking and Lav making way for Hooker and Raz.*

*assuming all are fit.
**Hooker said he was given right up until ~2mins before they ran out on sunday to make the call on whether he’d play. That gives the impression it can’t have been that bad…


Hocking goes before Begley for mine. One was selected, one an emergency.


What three do you drop then? They will both go.


Like the post above … if all 3 stars come in there’s 2 options.

IN: Hurley, Hooker, Fantasia
OUT: Hocking, Laverde, Begley


IN: Hurley, Hooker, Fantasia
OUT: Hartley, Hocking, Laverde


I don’t think Hartley is in great form but dropping him would be madness. They have Reid, franklin and Tippett down there. Who’s gonna play on Reid? Gleeson? YIKES


Hopefully we learnt our lesson from the crows game but I fear we haven’t


They and Adelaide are the only two teams you really need three talls in the backline. Also Hurley can play more a HBF role.


You mean hand them easy midfield possession so all our defenders are f*cked? Sure hope so too.


Fair point but you know what I was talking about and was a reasonable point to make regardless. Swans will not kill on the spread like the crows can/did/twice. Swans domination comes from clearances and winning contests on a small ground which offers defenders some measure of protection anyway


I would only play Colyer ahead of Begley because Colyer was very very good last time against Swans at the SCG. Any other opponent and I would have been inclined to keep Begley in instead.

Colyer better have a good game.


Begley is as tall as Rampe

both 188cm


The Fridge also has 6kg on Rampe, or is that litres?




Upper Gully bogan…born & bred insanity! See ball, get ball, kick ball



Langford is my big improver next year but I have Begley to take a step up as well.

Can’t see him cracking the midfield just yet but I wouldn’t mind trialing him off the half backline until he’s ready for the midfield.

With the possible inclusion of Stringer forward Begley may not have consistent opportunity next year and I think a hardnut with decent pace and great kicking skills would be great down back.


You mean like McKenna?

It will be interesting how we look next year. I think we have a few guys in the side that have heaps of talent in certain areas but are lacking in some areas (Begley, Walla, McKenna, Francis) and then you have guys that were high picks that are very well rounded players but not necessarily elite at anything (though are expected to become elite) like Laverde/Langford.
I think McKenna and Tippa are learning the game pretty quickly so hopefully we can fit another x-factor player into the side, but I wonder how many.


I dont think he has that elite breakaway speed that McKenna has but he does have nice agility working through traffic. I see him more like Pig. I just have concerns about losing both Kelly and McGrath from our backline.

I only suggest it as an opportunity if he’s not getting a game in the seniors.

I think he’s going to be a very good player and see him ultimately as a mid.


Ridley, Mitch Brown and Matt Dea i would assume looking after the half back roles from our current. Not the same quality (wait and see on Jordan) as Kelly and McG but are capable footballers. Got a good feeling about Ridley though