#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Yeah, I think we are covered for those mid size players that can mark.

I am more concerned about guys that can break lines and run the ball.

The second half of this year teams new that the best way to shut down Essendon was to shut out McKenna and Hurley.


Really surprised he didn’t get up to knock of Martin last night.


A bit of chat about josh in the STRINGAAAAAAAAHHHH thread.

Does anyone more in the know than me think hell have the tank to run in the midfield?


I’d say 2019 onwards. most midfielders need at least a couple years to acclimatise, and he was a big boi before he start taking fitness properly (17-18 years old) leading into the draft year. so a bit behind where he could be.


He will.

But probably not in 2018.

Even when he was a… comfortably built… mud plugger full forward in suburban under 18s, he had a surprisingly good tank. Bit like Dane Swan, doesn’t look athletic, can even carry a gut, just runs away from a lot of guys all game long.


Absolutely no reason why he cannot train with the mids when they are practicing stoppage craft, and that goes for Stringer as well. So that means they become “inside mids” at stoppages in the forward area, and at some centre bounces. It doesnt mean they play as an outside mid, when you have to have a massive tank and almost run a half marathon during a game.

Jobes tank was empty all through 2017 and he still averaged more clearances on average than Darce, Zach,or even Dois over the 20 games.

You dont have to have an elite tank to win clearances at stoppages.




Oops still pre season


Needs to train with Ambrose, Francis and Stringer…and Ambrose needs to come last…even if he gives them 400m start in a 2km run.


The new arrivals from this trade period have ramped up the pressure on new players like Begley as they allow the coaches to shift other players around the field as needed. The new players know they will have to lift to make the 22. Pressure to perform is a good thing.


I know people don’t like comparing young blokes to stars but he just reminds me of Dan Hannebery.

I think Begley is going to be a player.


I like Begley, but I see little of Hannebery in him.
Begley is quite tall and has some good aerial attributes. Dan is a smaller, fleet footed nugget of a player who excels when the ball is on the ground.


Begley has great movement through traffic. Didn’t see a lot of it at senior level because of the role he was playing but showed it consistently in the VFL.

My only concern with Begley is whether he can accumulate the ball. As far as hunting it around stoppages and leaving the area he showed great ability.

I doubt we will see much of Begley forward from 2019 onwards.


Just because he was fat doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a big tank already.

Kid’s a great runner, knows how to cover the ground.

Myth he is coming from a fair way back.


He finished top ten in the pre-season time trial.

His tank needs work still to get to the Heppell level but it’s definitley advanced for somebody his age.

A lot of upside.


New nickname is lil stringer


I think it may be the chin, man.


I was thinking about a tank to play midfield. Not that he’s let himself go.


He really reminds me of Luke Parker if we are comparing him to others.

Parish is Hannebery like.


Lol, yeah it’s a beauty.