#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


I don’t think he’s as powerful as Parker but that can change.

I would be happy with either player.


Note the exact same chin shape.


Very sensible haircuts also. Like.


Got a chin on him you could chop wood with.

Almost in the Joan Sutherland class.


Nothing wrong with a nice chin.


time trial is a good indicator, but in the end it’s only 2km or whatever. Game distances are a LOT longer than that for mids, and the fitness demands much higher. You needs a fitness BASE to play midfield - recovery after recovery after recovery, pushing as hard in the 4th qtr as you did in the first. It takes time to build that up. the fact that he’s going well in time trials now is a good sign, that he might have the genetic capacity to develop this sort of tank over time, but I don’t think he’s got it yet and probably won’t for a while yet even if all goes well.


Yeah, totally agree. The elite runners take a few years to get up to that level.

I think he’s a midfielder and I hope they give him a shot there next year, even at VFL level just to get a feel for it.

For somebody his size he is a very smooth mover and has beautiful skills. I can see him overtaking a few guys in our lineup over the next couple of years.


The kids got a tough gig to get a game but if he does boy are we in for a superstar. Soo many afl attributes!


And no tats. Very Essendon like.
(I unfortunately went to the Reimers school of tats)


I have tats also.

We must be one of very few clubs that don’t have many players with tats. Riemers and Carlisle aside can’t think of many others in recent times.


Reimers went to school???!?


A wayward thought - do you have a lisp? And like ears?


Tayte and Tommy had a pair of tats, but now its just Tommy that has a tat of pears


In some ways he is, though. he wasn’t part of the TAC cup until about a quarter of the way through his 18s year (most of the top picked Victorian kids get a taste of TAC cup at 17yo). Then got picked at Eastern by weight of numbers. Then got moved to midfield at Eastern about a month after that, again by weight of numbers. Only then did he come into draft contention.
The fact he’s making up the ground so quickly is hugely impressive but he was a way back in the field.


Why, you interested?


Yeah, forgot about that. Was that a bet they had of something?


You wanna nibble then?

This is getting weird.


You took it there :grinning:


Second-year Essendon forward Josh Begley motors in 2km time trial
Sam Edmund, Herald Sun
an hour ago
THE fridge was running at Tullamarine on Friday.

Josh Begley, whose 188cm 94kg frame earned him the nickname “Fridge” from veteran teammate James Kelly, motored through a soggy 2km time trial.

The second-year teenage forward was the quickest Bomber forward home — and seventh overall — in the time of 6min44secs, behind winner Paddy Ambrose.



“I’ve tried to work on my aerobic fitness over the last couple of years so it’s good to see it is paying off,” Begley said.

“My aerobic capacity I wanted to work on, but I got to a level last year that I was happy with, so I think I can run out games now better than I did probably 24 months ago, which is nice.”

Josh Begley powered through Essendon’s 2km time trial. Picture: Michael Klein
Begley, taken with pick 31 in the 2016 national draft, made his AFL debut against Gold Coast in Round 22 last season, going on to play in the elimination final loss to Sydney and booting five goals in three appearances.

“I guess that debut really showed me the areas I needed towork on over pre-season and it’s driving me with the goals I need to set and work on. It’s definitely a driving factor,” he said.

“I’m into the third week of pre-season now and I definitely feel more up and about. Last year was pretty tough the first couple of weeks, getting home and sleeping for 12 hours.

“It’s really exciting around the club at the moment with a new recruits we’ve got over the off-season and the young group we have. Guys like (Darcy) Parish and (Andrew) McGrath are really pushing the older boys to get better.

“Our core group is really young, which is promising.”


People that have reservations about our midfield really don’t understand how much more development we have left in about half a dozen of these kids on our list. Begley being one of them.

I think from 2019 onward we will have one of the best midfields in the comp.