#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


I remember the incident, and personally, I reckon Begs was a little star-struck and didn’t expect one of his idols to be such a ■■■■■■■■.


He didn’t look worried as he then harassed Selwood down the wing, continually bumping/blocking him. “If you wanna be a tough guy/sook, fine by me!”


Shockingly to me, I think he was just surprised Selwood was such a twat.


Really like the kid but was pretty quiet. Id play Langford instead on a HFF with some mid.


On the back of a JLT game?


The main thing this guy needs to add at the moment is an ability to find more of the ball. Hopefully he can get around a dozen possessions tonight.

Edit: and of course grabs a couple of goals and continues his excellent disposal




Was pretty caca in all honesty but that’s the stage of his career. Could have easily have had a Langford style game and Kyle been the quiet one. We need to be patient with both.


He stays in the team that goal he kicked to seal the game could be the making of him.


I like the kid, but personally I think he makes eay for Raz and/Myers and plys his trade in the 2s


Could’ve finished with three goals out of a bog average game.


I’d keep him in another week or 2.

I don’t want to see 19 year olds in and out of side all year. Give them a chance to get a feel for it.


He is a real talent and just needs games.


Leave him in the AFL side or leave him in the VFL side.

In and out of the team wrecks havoc on development. Just leave him for a month.


Like him for his potential but he was average in the JLT and lost a lot of contests last night. Raz will come in for him next week (hopefully).


11 touches / 4 inside 50s / 3 shots (and set up at least two others) / 5 tackles

Obviously needs those numbers to lift, long term, but if our worst performance week to week has those sort of numbers, we’ll be OK. His delivery is as good as anyone on the team.

Also: Green and tippa were equally rubbish for three quarters. Small forward is a seagull position!


Did anyone else notice him and Stewart hanging around the same area a fair bit? Much like Tippa and Joe seem to find each other a lot. (Except in the Stewart/Begley case the “small” weighs about 8kg more than the tall)


Very lucky got a good bounce for that winner as he really should have just released TIPPA who’d have run into open goal!

Does some good things but can’t see him holding place once Raz back

He’s one for the future for sure though and will still be played a fair bit this year I’d expect


I’d play him every week over green


Question for me once Raz comes back is who’s a better player at the end of the year, Green or Begley. Green will probably be more consistent over 20 weeks, but I think there’s every chance Begley will be a better player by finals time if given senior games. And if that’s the case, he stays in.