#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Begley has the potential - and maybe even the requirement - to be very useful higher up the ground. Something I don’t see in Green.

If he’s the one delivering the inside 50’s regularly, I think our efficiency will end up quite high. Looks a lot fitter this year too.


I love Fridge and hope that is true, but I think we continually underestimate the balance the forward line gets when there is Joe, Cale, Stewart, Walla, Raz and Green.

Although, there may be a balance to be found with rotating Stringer, Langford and Fridge between foward mid and bench too.

So maybe ultimately you are right if Begley can make a good contribution to our forward line, provide defensive pressure and particularly if he can contribute something to the midfield.

Either way it is great to have some depth here given we need to cover injuries like we were last night with Raz out.


He has a very good understanding with all the big forwards. As soon as he gets the ball anywhere forward of the centre circle, they’re leading. he reads the timing of those leads beautifully and has the skills to honour them.


If I was to pick a player to take a set shot from 30 meters straight in front, between Green and Begley.

Begley every time.


Could somebody with Telstra please compare pressure act numbers between Begley and Green.

From where I was sitting it looked like Green was doing more but you can get lost in the game.


Green 21 PA, Begley 25

Article with quotes from Begley & Woosh talking about him post match here


21 Green, 25 Begley.

47 Smith



For mine that role goes to the one putting on the most pressure and can also snag a goal.

Probably even due to Greens goals but I like that Begley gets his hands dirty.


Begley actually had 5 tackles to 1 also

So he probably will be ahead


Yeah, like I say I think if we were playing a GF next week I’d pick Green, but 20 games more experience at top level? Hopefully Begley. We have to be looking for upgrades at every position where we don’t have locked in best 22 players.


A bit like Langford in the sense he is best placed to learn in the seniors.


I personally think Begley should be playing midfield in the VFL.

If he continues to play the role he’s playing now he will only learn so much.


He’s in our best 25, and maybe best 22 as a forward.

I honestly wouldn’t bother making a decision on it. He’s definitely getting something out of playing HFF in the 1sts. If he tired/fades, he would also get something out of playing midfield in VFL.


Keep playing him, probably not quite best 22 right now but I have no doubt he will be by seasons end.


Green makes way for Raz.
Josh deserves a decent stint to find his feet and has all the tools. Nice strong body and can shrug off a tackle, will get better with more playing time.


Serious question - why doesn’t Green ‘deserve a decent stint’ to find his feet?
He hasn’t exactly had a good clean run.


Played 17 games or something last year and just feel he is a very limited player. Can only play that small forward role and doesn’t have great hands or a great kick and apart from applying a bit of pressure he doesn’t do a lot.
Begley has a few more strings to his bow IMO and can push up the ground if required. I’m very bullish on Begley and reckon he will end up very good.


I’m with you on Begley’s potential. I do think, however, that Green gets judged far too harshly in here, and that it is left over feelings from his Brisbane times. I think there are lot of people who ‘just don’t like him’. The guy tries his farking heart out every game. He plays through the midfield, always looks for space and opportunity, gets balls lobbed on top of his head when against an opponent a foot taller than him, is one of the more accurate kicks in our side - and he still gets talked about as if his the red-headed step child.
Oh wait - he is the red-headed step-child.


I swear Green misses atleast one goal from 25m out each week. Don’t think his kicking is as good as people make out. He may give his all but sometimes that isn’t enough. Needs to add something else to his repertoire if he wants to keep his spot


Definitely has potential keep playing him