#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


I’m a green fan, i think offensively his smarts are second to none.

but overall I’d be doing the same as what you say, when raz is fit i’d have begley in the side above green.
I think he simply offers more defensively.
he may had only had 11 possies, but the other work makes up for it, and it is only his what 4th odd game of afl footy ?

again i’m a green fan, and i think he will be awesome depth, but i think he just gets nudged out for now.


Green and Begly will both play a lot of games. We are pretty unlikely to have a fit best 22 the whole year. Raz, Myers, Lav our out now, but when they get back who knows.

You need a beat 25-26 and both green and Begley are in it.


100% Agree, Green does my head in.


The thing is, Green’s Kicking for goal used to be as good as anyone.

The first few games he played, he was dead eye d*ck. he couldn’t miss. Then for some reason, he started missing complete sitters.

It almost like Mark Shot-gun Williams all over again. There was a bloke who rarely missed a set shot a goal. Put an Essendon guernsey on him… couldn’t kick a goal to save himself.

If Green’s missing those easy shots, he shouldn’t be there.


Hardly misses at training.

Missed one set shot early and kicked a vital one late.


He is running more than he used to, and that’s what he is being challenged to do. Yesterday, he ranged all over the ground. All our small forward-types are doing this, and it takes the accuracy out of set shots. The fitter they get, the more accurate they will be.


‘Football Gods’ get Bomber’s winner home
Ben Guthrie
Mar 24, 2018 9:36AM

ESSENDON youngster Josh Begley had “his heart in his mouth” as he watched his potential game-winning goal against Adelaide veer towards the right-hand behind post.

The Bombers led by three points with a little more than three minutes remaining on the clock when Begley slammed the footy onto his left boot.

Thankfully for the 19-year-old, playing in his fourth AFL game, the ball took a favourable bounce through the middle of the goals as the pro-Bomber crowd inside Etihad Stadium erupted.

Full match coverage and stats

“I had my heart in my mouth. I was riding it home and I was lucky the football Gods swung it to the left side instead of the right,” Begley told AFL.com.au after the game.

“I didn’t quite get it (the connection). It was a floater in the end but I’m glad it went through.”

Begley took off running towards the forward pocket, slapping his jumper in a moment of pure ecstasy.

“I was pretty pumped up,” Begley said.

“I’m proud to play for the Bombers and I feel pride when I’m donning the sash, so I guess that’s what I was trying to show.”

Star’s knocks no headache for Dons: Woosha

Begley, pick No.31 in the 2016 NAB AFL Draft, played three games at the end of last season including the elimination final against Sydney, but he said the atmosphere of the 43,016 spectators was on a whole other level on Friday night.

The powerfully built forward did not have a huge night, 11 disposals and three inside 50s but Bombers coach John Worsfold said he was glad to see Begley stand up and seize his moment.

“For a young kid like that it’s just keep working because the opportunities could come in a game like that, it could come in the first minute of the game,” Worsfold said.

“So, work hard, play your role and know why you’re in the team and that you’ve done the work. You deserve to be out there so be ready to grab those chances.”


life membership right there


Feels like he’s been around longer than 4 games.

He’s going to be a player.


He was in the game when it was on the line.

Multiple times, in multiple ways.

Very very good sign that he has a strong desire to win, and a belief that he can be the means by which the team wins.

You really do have to be happy with that.


Nope. May eventually pass him, but Green is a natural sml forward with good forward pressure, tackles, assists and he can hit the score board (too many points last year).

I’d be hopeful he would surpass Green, I just dont think he is quite there yet.


Forget mid for the moment, he is a forward. Every time I see him smashing into packs I think Paul Barnard, worries the crap out of the opposition and a perfect complmentary player for the strength of Hooker. Just the type you need in finals football.




know why you’re in the team

This is the 2018 line from the coaches.


Sure is.

I’d like to see Begley play bulk midfield minutes in the VFL. Long term, developing his ball hunting skills is critical. Would be a crime to miss this part of his development.


It’s not only them.

People who never missed the most arsiest of shots when they played AGAINST us found it difficult to not kick OOF when they played FOR us. Chapman and Cooney spring to mind.

Green is following in a long line. There must be a real problem in the way our forwards are being trained/practiced for goal kicking.


I’d rather he get 50 AFL games under his belt before he is 21.

This is critical, this is how you build a nucleus of a premiership team. They need to play together.

All the great players of our game don’t play in the VFL. They do their apprenticeship in the AFL in a different position.


Green is keeping Raz’s spot warm

Begley is the accurate kick for goal hero we need, and the one we deserve, the one green was meant to be, until we recruited younger and better at it.

Seeing Begs at VFL, is incredible in barging through contests and getting the ball in really sticky situations.

Much better than Green and Raz needs a spot to feast.


I think Raz will replace Begs. He needs midfield minutes.


Begley is the most tradie looking bloke on our list I reckon.