#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


We can share him I agree.

But I am quite literally the man who named him ‘The Langford’ after what was probably his first VFL practice match. Been onboard, and pumping him up, since day one.

And I applaud your astute judgement of talent.


Yeah, I attend pretty much every VFL game.

I’m not surprised that Stewart has come on so well after the preseason VFL practice match last year and his early form.

I’m a big fan of the way Begley goes about it also.


Begs was quiet early but came into his own in the last.


I understand the calls for Begley to play midfield in the VFL, but I’m doubtful it will happen much or at all this year.
He trained almost exclusively as a forward didn’t he? To me this indicates he’ll probably play forward in both the AFL and the VFL (if he gets demoted at some point). He might play some more midfield minutes in the VFL, but I doubt it will be full time like Langford did last year. Langforward trained as a mid leading up to 2017 so his case was different.

Maybe they’ll switch Begley to midfield after this season.


I think some of you are missing an important thing.

Dropping Begley weakens our AFL side. He held his own and was heavily involved in a number of goals. And not in easy gimme ways where he was just a link man, but in ways where he had to show considerable skill and tenacity to make it work.


Nice to see you a bit more active again @reboot


Um, I don’t think anyone is talking about dropping Begley except when Raz is fit to come in again. Begley might be promising, but he’s not better than Fantasia just yet!


My only claim to Blitz fame is taking that photo of Gumby marking the footy in a pre-season training sesh, which then kept getting photoshopped - I think he ended up in outer space at some stage.


Who says we cant have both in the team?


Ranked 2nd among rising stars in Total Inside 50s
Ranked 1st among rising stars in Total Goal Assists
Ranked 3rd among rising stars in Total Goals
Ranked 2nd among rising stars in Total Tackles
Ranked 10th among rising stars in Total Supercoach Score
Ranked 7th among rising stars in Total Contested Possessions
Ranked 5th among rising stars in Total Score Involvements
Ranked 2nd among rising stars in Inside 50s Per Game
Ranked 1st among rising stars in Goal Assists Per Game
Ranked 3rd among rising stars in Goals Per Game
Ranked 2nd among rising stars in Tackles Per Game
Ranked 10th among rising stars in Supercoach Score Per Game
Ranked 7th among rising stars in Contested Possessions Per Game
Ranked 5th among rising stars in Score Involvements Per Game

Obviously not doing enough for a 19 yo, must be dropped to teach him to become competitive.


Is that based on a sample of one round?


Because lots rate Green higher. And some of us want Begley to get midfield minutes in the VFL.


It’s based on every round this year.

Life is all about perspective.


Played 4 games, kicked 6 goals, and more importantly, unlike some of the favourites on this website doesn’t skirt around the outside of packs but runs straight at the ball.


He is 19, 2 years ago he was playing for Upper Gully, give him a chance to build a fitness base.
Worsfold must see something in him.


Gimme a gif of his Lazer left foot out of the middle to hooker in the third. Then I think we can close this down. He stays in for mine and slowly builds his midfield time.


How goods was his beating of his chest after that goal??


Wasn’t bad, id give it a 6 out of 10, felt a bit limp wristed. Wasnt a closed fist, didn’t roar enough or lose his mouth guard in the process. needs to get some mentoring from hooksey and he’ll be well on his way.


That’s not fame, that’s immortality!


Can anyone who is more observant that I, and knows more about footy, tell me why he seemed to suddenly be in everything with 3 minutes to go?

Did the Crows drop their defensive focus to try and win the game?