#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Not sure if it’s been mentioned previously but has anyone else noticed for a BOY he’s pretty BIG physically.


Is there a PARTY involved? Because people really get upset when that happens.


He said he was not beating his chest so much as indicating that goal was for the team with the Sash. He was showing pride in wearing our jumper. So good on him!


According to the stats we had the ball locked in our forward half for 68% of the last qtr.


Had a thought it was that but then thought he was just caught up in the moment


i thought he really appreciated the precise temperature control and energy efficiency of a Fujitsu air conditioner.

Fujitsu, Australia’s favourite air.


Thanks tubby


Pounded it like a fkn ape, loved it.


For as long as he continues to beat his chest like a fkn APE I will back him.


He is possibly our best kick to a lead. Absolute tunnel vision.


Yep. Need to get him a few more hit ups and recieves around 60 to 80 from goal


BJ and Zerrett say hi.


BJ I’ll give you, for the time being. I think he’s got Merrett covered for that particular kick, although Merrett doesn’t find himself around that part of the ground much these days.


I can watch that goal on repeat.

Also like the fact we kept peperring the goals when we were ten points up think Smith and Begley both kicked another point. Was almost like we had the confidence that if we miss and give the ball back to you we will win it back.


And spin-talent :wink:


Correct, that’s the way I took it but he was also beating his chest showing that.
Fkn love the kid and these guys that show passion to play for the club


I agree it’s him or green to make way for Raz, I’d keep Begley because he is a far more damaging kick and if left alone can really hurt the opposition.

He was running up with the mids for fitness pre Christmas so I have no issue on his base to move into the midfield for stints later in the year. Something Green can’t do.


Hasn’t Raz got another week or two on the sidelines?

A lot can happen in that time.


I hope you’re not suggesting he’s a BIG BOI?


You disgrace.