#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


He’s stays in the team had another 2 shots at goal after kicking the sealer.

  1. Stood up in tackle and kicked ball for a behind
  2. Turned the Adelaide player inside out and almost kicked a dribble goal


Also did not get near it for majority of game

Will create some good competition for the one spot he and Green after over next week (or two) with Raz due back.


I think he needs to play a couple of games in a row,


That’s all well and good but if Green out scores him again this week vs Freo then he’ll be out for Raz.


his jib, you gotta like the cut of it, has bluster, goes hard at it, was influential in the 4th with game on the line, but mostly,


Groom him for the Zaka succesor position plse.


Begely did bugger all in the JLT games and did bugger all again, except for kicking a goal, on Friday night. Yeah, there is potential there, but others offer more than him at the moment.


For a moment there I thought you were talking about Joe.


He worked into the game in the last quarter… but that moment when he pounded his heart after the goal… and his comments post game… kids a keeper.



Thought Begley did well tonight, think he’s got what it takes to become a quality player


Just pump games into him i reckon


I was on the ‘swap Begley & Langford positions’ wagon last night.


He seems better when around the contest rather than trying to find space in the forward line. Langford seems the opposite.


One good thing to come from Begley going back to the VFL is the opportunity to play midfield.

Would be pretty disappointing to see him parked on a flank when he has already proven he can do that at AFL level.




Not surprisingly in typical Blitz fashion I’m finding the changes thread a little contradictory regarding BBB. Many posters calling for him to go back to the 2s despite saying we need to play the kids.

On yesterday’s performance he was far from our worst and definitely should be persisted with. It’s easy to envisage him moving into the midfield in time.


To be fair I think most want him playing in the VFL as permanent midfielder to get experience.

There is only so much he will learn playing on a flank. And quite frankly he’s probably picking up bad habits playing in the senior sh!tfight!


I would have thought you’d want our best deliverer of the ball to the f50 in the firsts who actually throws their weight around


I will say that “let the forward learn midfield in the VFL” hasn’t got a great recent record for us.


If they persist with him in seniors I’m not fully opposed to it.

My thoughts are to get him midfield ready as quick as we can so he can play there ASAP.

He’s not going to learn quickly enough playing on a flank for mine. Can’t see them just throwing him in the middle any time soon either.