#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


I can see him being a big bodied midfielder over the next 2-3 years.

Just has great skills and the ability to do good things with the footy.

I’m happy for him to develop in the team; with Stringer, LAV and Big Boi we have some pretty dynamic players coming through.


His numbers weren’t great (they never are) but he did some really impressive contested defensive efforts yesterday. Saw him hold the ball up against three opponents at one stage, just through sheer ferocity.

He’s coming along alright. I’d be happy to keep him in, but if they wanted to let him run around in the VFL for a few weeks to give another kid a shot, I wouldn’t be against that either.


I also think it’s worth nothing he got some absolutely horrendous kicks sent his way which reduces the numbers when you gotta win an unfavourable 5050


There’s no doubt he’s damaging when he’s getting the ball but he isn’t getting enough. What he’s doing without the ball didn’t measure up very well yesterday.

From 103 minutes he had 7 pressure acts and zero tackles. Tippa had 24 and 4, fanta 15 and 6, green 14 and 4.

Now that said he was amongst our best pressure players in the first two rounds and mid table last week.

Maybe he had an offweek, maybe he was tired, either way I wouldn’t be opposed to giving him a spell shortly. Clarke and lav both wracked up huge tackle numbers on the weekend and I’m keen to get a look at both.

I think it’s important to keep these key pressure players fresh so having new faces coming in to refresh and maintain intensity can’t be the worst idea.



The success of Guelfi certainly encourages this sort of thinking as well.

I would love to see what Clarke can offer in the middle, under the packs, sometime in the next two games. There is some chance he might offer us a step-change in performance if he can match it in there at an AFL level.

Laverde can wait until he is absolutely cherry ripe.


I think we need more accountable midfielders against Collingwood the last 2 games they run both ways.


Not really sure they will make any changes for this week but once McKenna back if Guelfi keeps tracking as is might lose spot to him.

And Trav Colyer I’m not too sure of how far he off but he is another we might want to add to the mix. Pace for pressure and his run/spread needed.

Going to be a good thing for Begley to then be put into VFL inside mid rotations however. Certainly not afraid of the contest or using his physicality.


Begley is one of the 2016 draftees I’ve got huge hopes for. I think he’s going to be very good, and love the fact he’s playing for us.

But I do think there are issues with his game right now. He isn’t fit enough. When he’s near the ball he’s good defensively, but doesn’t do the work to stop options coming out of defence. He’s not getting any inside mid minutes, and I think that’s an area he could flourish in.

If our small forwards were a weaker set, I’d keep him in. But with Raz/Green/Walla (and Stringer), we’re not screaming out for a player there.

So I’m definitely of the view that if there is another youngster showing something who its time to give a go, I’d send Begley back to get inside-midfield minutes at VFL level.

Yep, agree with a lot of this.




Clarke, Begs, Mutch, Mynott in the guts at the 2’s for a good 6-8 games.


A couple of times he didn’t look quick enough yesterday. Might have been fitness related, he did look like he was running his hardest but his opponent was pulling away


ferocious is the word

just like in the vfl likes to grab the ball and barge his way outta packs, love it

oh and also how he makes simple short kicks to team mates seem like the really simple skill it is (TAKE NOT ZAKA)




it was awesome, but i kinda wish he just stomped on that guys chest.

obviously i’m joking.


That doesn’t mean that VFL is no good for players development and form though. It’s more a reflection on the fact that there are less list spots and better development of young players and therefore quicker list turnover.

No competition that has a couple of hundred of AFL players running around in it is rubbish


Lol, I jumped out of my seat and screamed "TIMMY WATSON!!: at that.

The seasoned folk around me smiled laughed and nodded, while many younger ones just had a look of bewilderment …


So similar… audacious leap, evade a bewildered tackler, explode from the pack, deft kick… the crowd goes wild!



Just a fraction fumbly at times.
If he can become a one touch player, he will become that inside power beast with great skills we need. I think hes tracking really nicely.
But needs to contribute a touch more to hold his spot ongoing.


It appears you simply need to jump over someone to be compared to an all time Essendon great