#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


I wouldn’t.

However I’d be a terrible list manager. I’d be wanting all the players and picks, and giving away nothing.

You know the saying “it’s better to give then receive”. Yeah, that’s not for me.


Yeah, ok. I’d prefer to trade from an area of depth, such as a Gleeson or Hartley type. Begley has a lot of potential in the mid-fwd role, which we have very little else coming through.


I do tend to agree with that. However was speculating re: suggestions of interest in Begley as somebody who might actually have value… Hartley has ■■■■ all value frankly.


thread is lacking use of FRIDGE


Coz he’s more an Esky now, …


Probably an Engel or a Waeco.


Slimline Fisher and Paykel


The question is whether you value you Begley or not.

I think he’s shown more than enough that a speculative pick at 19 is a gamble worth taking.

On face value Begley might not be worth a top 20 pick on the open market but astute clubs would see him as very good value at around that pick and for good reason.

If the club rates him and I’m sure they do they will be doing all they can to keep him and develop him.


At pick 19 you could get another Begley!

What a stupid offer to jump at


I’m sold


Will your new owners let you keep posting on Blitz?


FK no.


I actually like the idea of a discussion around value and dislike the regulars here that shout down anyone eith a differing view. Go ahead blast me too you buggers.


This whole forum is discussing how much we are in need of an inside clearance bull.

We might have one here. His disposal is elite, he’s not slow for his size, He kicks goals, and is built like a brick sh*t house.

I’d love to see him build his inside midfield craft in the preseason… even give him time in the VFL to play full games on the ball.


Discussion on value is fine.

The reason I shat all over this one is because I have Begley in my best 22. He is also the youngest in that 22. The coaches have picked him for games before the majority of our other promising youngsters. The kid can kick. The kid has a big rig. The kid has enormous potential.

The only thing he doesn’t do is win heaps of the footy.

That said, why would I give up a kid with this sort of promise, who doesn’t want to move, for a draft pick. I wouldn’t, and hence my response.


Is it fair to say he has a similar build to De Goey?


I was watching highlights of Begley. It’s fair to say his disposal would easily be in top 5 at the club… possibly top 2. He is a f*cking freak.


Sure. Me neither. But our midfield is farked. And I can see why people get ■■■■■■ with our unbalanced list.

B/c Dodo chocks our list full of types that are development players and talls KPP. With hard running mids and wingers few and far between.

Its friggin frustrating supporting EFC.


At least with Beguley Dodo went for a different type player to add to the mix.


Same. The young man has enormous upside.

There is an excellent podcast with Robert Shaw. The key takeaway is the need to really develop our own players. Fridge will end up being a tough as nails mid - who can drift forward & kick goals.

I highly rate this bloke.