#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Don’t let Gerard Healey see that


Horrid photoshop.


Fridge tearing up the weights room, he’s gonna explode in 2019


Why is he in prison?


I hope he’s taking remedial English while he’s there.


Um, between the comment, the blurry image and the especially the digital hair, I assume this isn’t real. Would that be correct?






If you’re going to hulk up a player with poor photoshop, why do it to the man-beast they call Fridge?


As regards Begley, returning from an ACL is a gradual process and one of the key steps is full lateral movement. At 7 months post injury, it seems he is progressing to a conservative schedule. The injury was in late April. Goldsack came back and played in a grand final 6 months after his injury in March. So by the time round 1 comes up, Begley will have had 11 months recovery, thats 5 more than Goldsack. Thats as conservative as it needs to be.

Karmabomber ( Ihope he doesn’t mind me quoting him ) says:

@joshuabegleyy has upped the workload and intensity of his lateral movement drills at training and with his already strong physique, will be looking to put pressure on to regain a position in the seniors early in the 2019 season


Goldsack was the exception not the norm though

In saying that Begley seemingly should have had enough time in line with usual return times of other players


Without knowing the full details of the injury itself, and all the other details, the Goldsack recovery seemed to be one “out of the box”. Did Collingwood “roll the dice” fast tracking him after a knee reconstruction ? It would seem Yes.

Southern Suburbs Physio say this:

An ACL Reconstruction is a 12 month injury! Or is it? This is another controversial topic in ACL rehabilitation, and one which really has no exact answer. In Wednesday’s herald Sun we read about Collingwood’s Tyson Goldsack hopeful return to playing this weekend, only 21 weeks after his reconstruction surgery. And then the very next day we read about Sydney’s Alex Johnson return this weekend also to senior football – after 2236 days of rehab, 5 reconstructions and 12 knee operations overall in a four year period. Whilst traditionally thinking a player could not return to sport for 12 months, we now know that each individual person must be taken on his/her merits and continually assessed for readiness for return to sport. Whilst 12 months is still the overall general aim, we know that the ACL graft doesn’t mature/strengthen for up to three years. One thing we do know for sure is that returning to sport prior to 9 months is highly risky, with the stats showing every month you delay return until the 9 month mark, you reduce your chance of re-injury by 51%.

• The recurrence rate of ACL ruptures (rupturing the reconstructed graft) is around 12-15% but has been shown to be as high as 20%. That’s a reasonably significant figure. And even in the AFL where the medical care, knowledge base and time spent on rehab is world class, the recurrence rate is between 10 – 15%. What is fascinating (not if it happens to you) is the statistic that tells us that if you suffer an ACL rupture in one knee, you are actually an 8-16% chance of going on to rupture the ACL in your good knee: this is the Nic Natanui statistic – going through the long and seemingly perfect rehab only to return to sport and rupture the ACL in your opposite knee. In younger athletes studies have shown that the recurrence rate is even higher – 30% of young people (mean age 17 in this particular study) who returned to sport following ACLR suffered a recurrence of ACL rupture within 2 years, and in another study 25% (mean age 16) suffered a repeat injury within 12months.



Tony Liberatore came back 16 weeks after a knee reco and was fine. From memory it was his second reco - And this is nearly 25 years - The AFL is too conservative with reco’s - In most other sports its a 6 to 8 month turnaround.


What sports are you comparing to?
Do they have as much jumping and twisting as AFL?


It was his second knee reco though wasnt it?


And he’s about 3 inches tall.


Dr Blitz

For all your medical needs.


Just watching some clips from last year, this bloke was very good for us up forward. Seems to have reasonable speed, wonderful skills and a well developed goal sense.

He’s a big lad too.

It will be like having a new recruit in 2019. Hope he can force his way into the team, perhaps mid season.

Could be anything.

#forgotten man
#couldbe anything




He was good against Gold Coast and the Sydney final back in 2017. Club expects big things from him.