#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


I don’t think he will make it.

Has nothing to do with injuries.

For some reason they develop some players too long in the VFL and then others like Laverde effectively get rushed straight back into the ones coming back from injury where he just rots away on a forward flank.

He has shown glimpses at VFL level but relatively little at AFL level.


I can see that looking from the outside, as we all do, Laverde’s path and progress looks frustrating.


The fact he can’t stay uninjured long enough to get his fitness up to midfield level is why he plays HFF in seniors

And opportunity has really only arisen for him there also

He sees himself as a mid but just hasn’t been able to prove as such given injury prone


Laverde’s AFL potential lies in the middle, unfortunately for him, injuries have prevented him from developing his tank to the point where he can play as a midfielder. Hopefully, he gets an opportunity to develop this. Hopefully, Begley does too.

It would be great to see the two of them bossing the midfield in the VFL in 2019


For mine the ideal place for him to get fitness and confidence up would actually be at VFL level but he rarely stays there for longer than a couple of games.

Half forward at AFL level is like the Bermuda Triangle. Once you go there you don’t come back.


Begley’s been given more or less the same opportunities at senior level as Laverde was in his first two years. Since their debut they’ve been given every chance. Begley had played every game from that point until he did his knee and Laverde has had opportunity but no continuity. The fact that both have been held back by injury is unfortunate but nothing to do with the development program


You’re underrating Barnard. He’d played plenty of good football before that day, and the 2000 grand final was hardly the best game of his career


Begley in my opinion has shown far more AFL traits than what Laverde has though and has made far more of an impression.

I just think we are far to conservative with how we develop our youth.


So explain how we’ve been conservative with Begley. He came in toward the end of his first year on the list, kept playing through the next season until he did his ACL and since then he’s been recovering. Short of playing guys with busted knees what more could be done?


I didn’t say we were conservative with Begley but if he didn’t do a knee I’m sure we would have been.

If he starts this year playing a nothing role in the forwardline again then nothing has changed.

If they won’t play them at VFL level where they can develop their craft then at least put one of the other on a wing where they can actually have an influence on the game.


Ok. You can waste your time getting upset about potential outcomes in an alternate universe. The rest of us will stay back here in reality


Unfortunately the reality is we have been rubbish for a long time.

Doesn’t stop people defending the club.


Did his acl in rd 2 ( I think) surely he’s ready to train fully with the rest of the guys tomorrow?


Round 5


I really hope the last 14 rounds was a sign of the team turning the corner.


I’ll defend anyone against make believe fantasy




I think Begley is a class above in the VFL, but I reckon he should learn his midfield craft in the seconds.

From memory, he’s only ever really played as a high-forward Flank (even at TAC level), with a few stints on the wing. We need this kid to be a midfield option in the next few years. He has all the attributes to be a gun midfielder. He just needs time to learn the craft.


I think you missed the point.

We should all be criticising the club on development if we are using our performance as an indicator.


If there’s a point to be made, then there must be a valid argument to go with it. Go find it