#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Injuries to other players who play similar positions, combined with a lack of depth in the forward half and his own good form in the VFL is why he gets picked in the seniors.

When elevated he is forced to play a awful role where he is essentially the 4th tall and the 4th small, I’d much rather we allowed him a good chuck of time in the VFL midfield, unfortunately when the coaches had a decision between Jayden and Jerrett, to play on the HFF, it’s a fairly easy one for them.


I guess that’s my argument about development.

He should have been playing far more footy at VFL level in a more suitable role than wasting away on a flank.

Jerrett is actually more suited to a flank anyway so it would be win-win.


Fat boy slim


I agree. No doubt he has talent but it’s not in the right package for us. He’s a classic utility. Not sure there are a lot of classic utilities going around these days. Would have made a handy player 15 years ago.


I feel that they have almost dictated him being a utility because that’s how they have used him.

Even at VFL level he has mostly played forward with stints in midfield.

Just play him in the middle or on a wing and see what he can do.

I guess when you look at his junior career he wasn’t settled in a role either.


The “relative obscurity” for me was that rather than lloyd kicking goals early it was Barnard. Sure Lloyd was queuing up with the others after the game was broken open, but I wonder was Barnard good, or was the instruction to use Lloyd as decoy and take 2 defenders out of the contest, then targetting Barnard.


Don’t call it an ‘excuse’ then.
Call it a ‘reason’.
Will make you feel a lot better.


…and less tired


Never held Hirdy back and many others


You reckon?
How well did Hirdy do while injured?


Laverde still played 16 games in 2018 and showed stuff all except for the last game in the AFL and a couple of good VFL games. He was woeful in his first 6 AFL games.

He seems very hyped on here, but in reality he has shown very little over a long period in the times when he’s been on the park.
Hopefully that is all down to lack of continuity and true fitness from a big pre-season. Hopefully he can stay fit and show us what he’s made of.

I’m well and truly in the “don’t think he’ll make it camp” but I’ll be quite pleased if he proves me wrong this season.


That, and some mental stuff, along with some ‘maturity’ issues.
Hopefully he hasn’t missed the boat. He has the talent. Of course, he is no Hird. Comparisons like that do not help the debate. FTR, he isn’t much like Carey, Reynolds, Kouta or Matthews, either.


Reason Laverde doesn’t play bulk midfield is because he doesn’t have the tank.

That’s the simple answer.

The reason he dropped in the draft was because some AFL clubs didn’t think he could make the transition as an AFL level midfielder because he lacked a tank.


Ok, we get it. You hate Laverde. You have been harsh on him numerous times in this thread. The injuries he has had are not an excuse, they prevent continuity and the development he needs. He is primed to show the doubters this season.


Stop being so emotional Mr Sparrow, hate is a strong word.

Although I don’t think he’s as talented as some others believe I still don’t think he has been given every opportunity to succeed.

I think he would been better off doing an apprenticeship at VFL level playing midfield just like Langford and many others have but the club believe he is better off playing in one of the more anonymous roles in the AFL.

I hope this year is his year to shine but he is a long way behind in his development and needs to start making every post a winner.


Now that is a post l can agree with.


It’s the role that I hate.

I was saying exactly the same things about it when Langford was being developed there and everyone knows how I feel about him.

I wish the club would stop putting those medium sized players there unles they are genuinely mid sized forwards like say a Stringer might be.

It’s the football equivalent of the black hole. Just a terrible role for a young player to learn.


There are no easy roles for players at the top level, nor should there be.


Of course not but most young players are given opportunities in other roles to see if they may react better.

Laverde has been mostly played in that role at both senior level and VFL level for the majority of his career.

Give the guy a new task and see if that can reinvigorate his career.


. FTR, he isn’t much like Carey, Reynolds, Kouta or Matthews, either.

Actually Laverde does remind me a bit of Reynolds.
Joel Reynolds.
Flashes of talent but yet to put it together.

Anyway back to the Fridge.
If he’s to make a serious mid rotation he needs to work on his ground ball gets & gives. In that sense similar to Laverde- the midfield ball doesn’t always bounce obligingly above knee height.