#17 James Stewart - forward to work again

When he started with us, he was a good to very good kick for goal, then he changed his routine and it didn’t work.

Seemed in the twos’ finals that he wasn’t doing the Kennedy.

Turn him into ty zantuck

Kicks goals, not out of bounds of the full.

He lost his ■■■■!

Hell no!

Solution…if you can’t nail a position, put him on the wing. We’ll have 16 wingers at this rate.

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Just like Matthew Richardson

Worked all right for Michael Roach back in the day. And a guy called Blethyn used to win games for us playing on the wing for a few years. I remember seeing him towel up Robbie Flower one day at the G

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It’s not the 70’s or the 80’s and Stewart isn’t Richo, Roach or Blethyn.

The coaches clearly want him to work on becoming more than just a 3rd tall forward, they want him to be able to play a genuine structural role in the forwardline.

History could repeat and a bold coach doesn’t follow trends of current day tactics…if they gave it a shot during pre season that would be good to see how effective it is. We must try to not pigeon hole players…like someone else said try Hartley up forward just to see if it works.

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Why would we do that when we have multiple options for that second and third marking tall?

Hartley hasn’t shown much ability to bring the ball to ground without punching it forward, nor has he done anything to suggest he’s good at marking out front on a lead

What he is though is perfect backup for our all-Australian key defenders

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versatility will improve his value to the team…especially mid game…if the team needs to change the mix up forward if they are struggling.


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I like to re-watch our wins for the year of the summer break so on Saturday i re-watched round one.

Stewart was so important for us that day. He provided a link up option and finished really well (from memory he kicked three goals). He has a lot of talent. Hoping he can get back to that form in 2019.


He was however playing 3rd around Hooker and JD that day and Stringer was attempting to be a permanent mid.


Imo Stewart being the 3rd tall will be when he is most potent. Thats where he can match the defender for speed and agility.But usually end up stronger and taller,thus winning more contests.

But when up against the best/2nd best, he can end up being nullified by the oppositions extra strength and size.

Geoffrey Blethyn was always a forward rather than a winger. He kicked 4 of our 7 goals in the 1968 Grand Final and 107 goals in 1972, He was a sensational high mark for a player of his stature.

He may have played on Robbie Flower on a wing one day but that would’ve been an exception not the rule.

We let him move to Claremont as part of the deal to get hold of Graham Moss !


He was a very talented player who was as blind as a bat without his specs.

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Fantastic player. First favourite as a very young man.

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