#17 James Stewart - on Friday it will be 790 days since he last played AFL

Time for a thread title change?

If said key was let’s say stuck in the mud. When the game proceeded to the next quarter, what would the key be called then?

Our big bodied mid disguised as a forward.

If he doesn’t make it as a forward i reckon we’d be smart to try him as a tall defender i think he’d be really good at it with his attributes. A bit like lachie keefe is doing at gws at the moment.


Mentioned a while back that we should try him as a defender could become Hookers replacement.

Jones from Carlton got shifted back and now is a pretty reliable defender. have nothing to lose it’s worth a shot imo

yep, we could have kennedy, revolt, C cameron, toby greene and any 2 others down there and it wouldn’t make a difference.

Our forwards are having to almost solely play reactionary roles because they know the ball is gonna get bombs long and high and not to their advantage.

Stewart brought the ball to ground a fair bit, esp competing against multiple opponents alot.
but there is only so much players can do.
Yes he may not be a superstar, but geez anyone getting the delivery he and mckernan are getting and wondering why they look so poor, it’s not rocket science.

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First game back after a long injury break, playing on the competition’s best tall defender in a team that has zero reliability in moving the ball into the forward 50 and people are chipping the guy.
I guess I shouldn’t be surprised really.

He has never been a consistently dominant match-winner so as long as he plays his role for the next couple of games until he gets back into the swing of it, there really isn’t much more that can be realistically asked of him.

Yes he could be better but at least give him a few games before throwing him on the scrap heap.


Happy that he got through the game. The poor service we offered our forwards against the Lions means no forward would have done that well.
Keep on playing him. You need to get games into players before you start to see benefit.


Call me a harsh task master, but I reckon we can expect AFL Full Forwards to be able to wobble through a drop punt from 25m almost directly in front.

He had four disposals. The AFL Player ratings viewed his performance as a net negative.

It’s likely that he gets another week for the obvious reason - it was his first game in a couple of years - but that was about as bad a game of football as you can play. Oh and spare me the Harris Andrews line, just about every side (other than ours at the moment!) carries a very experienced full back. He’s got Phil Davis this week.

If he was back up to speed with the pace of AFL then I might “spare you the Harris Andrew’s line” but he’s not and he has never dealt with being the number 1 target well anyway.
Yes, he should have kicked the goal. No excuses there. Even Lloydy, Plugger and Dunstall missed goals from dead in front but we were crying out for anything positive by that stage and he screwed it.
He didn’t exceed, or even meet, any expectations of a KPF but at least give him a few weeks, and hopefully some half decent delivery, before crucifying him.


Didn’t intend to sound as churlish as I perhaps did. re Harris Andrews.

It’s a tough ask first up, but unfortunately there is no hiding when you’re playing a key position. Likely match ups for the next period are:

  • Phil Davis (AA)
  • Sam Collins (in AA form this season according to AFL Player Ratings)
  • Jake Carlisle

When Carlisle is the easiest matchup of the lot it says something about the gig.

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All good. I didn’t read anything into it.

It is a thankless job when a team is losing, especially when there is no decent support to share the load.

I think Jimmy would be better used as a high half forward flank leading up the wing and delivering into the 50. He’s pretty good below his knees for his height, fairly nimble when fit and his height would pose a large problem for hbf’ers.

Ideally Joey and Stringer would take the main inside 50 roles

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@Killer_Mike this guy is not what you hoped for. He’s a long long way off it at the moment


Waste of space

hasn’t played for two years.

We have forwards that play every week doing nothing.

Laters stewart thanks for …um…I dunno

I suppose it would be better if McKernan went near the ball less because he seems to give away a free kick every time he’s near it.

Maybe that’s what Stewart is trying for

He was trying to become a tall target instead of the world’s tallest flanker before he got injured. He obviously hasn’t become that magically while injured. Hooker would be an immediate improvement but not a long term solution.

Didn’t have one I50 in the last 10 minutes of the game.

The forwards can only do so much.

How many more games does he get?

Langford is a far better forward.


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