#17 James Stewart - till 2020


His improvement in his marking has been amazing. Gone from a guy who would drop sitters on the head to almost vice like hands


That’s what another off season in the gym can do for you.


Not sure who you saw… but I saw a bloke who looks like a brick shithouse.


Yeah, he’s big but not solid like hooker or Belly in my opinion.

Stewart is more athletic looking.

Huge unit though that’s for sure.


His biceps are the size of my head.

No chance of being tackled around the arms.


Yeah but have you seen him next to @Donnington who was next to Darcy Parish?


His arms are bigger than his torso


Has he changed his goal kicking routine a little bit?

Always did the stutter, but seems to do the stutter plus an arch off to the side just before he kicks it?


Its like he has has 5 preseasons in one…



It’s weird how a guy who can hit “bandits at nine o’clock” better than anyone in the game can’t have a simple set shot routine.


So assuming Stewart and McKernan continue to perform well the next few weeks, what is going to happen when Joe comes back?
Can we play all 3, or will 1 have to miss out and who?


Joe can play 3rd tall Forward or the tallest winger in the history of the game.


Joe can earn his spot through the VFL.





I hope you’re joking


I’m not. Even if it’s just for one week. Ne needs to come back into the side with some decent form under his belt.


I agree. If he’s out for 4-5 weeks, it’s only appropriate to come back via VFL. Even just for the 1 week.


Pitrid AFL form, 5 weeks out, yup should come back through VFL


Joe can come in for T bell and play the Simon Madden role


with what hes coming back from doesn’t his minutes need to be managed a lot? might have no choice but to do gradual increases via vfl over a month or so.