#17 James Stewart - till 2020


IMHO, Joey should never ever play VFL. He was clearly injured this year and couldn’t jump. If fully fit he plays 1s. Why put him in the VFL? So he can get snipped by some state league player? Imagine he was injured or suspended in the 2s…

In form he is the best forward in the Comp. bar none. Reigning B&F winner. Kicked 65 goals last year, the equivalent of a modern day ton. Imagine dropping Matty Lloyd in his prime. Ridiculous.


Couldn’t agree more.

Some players just don’t play VFL and Joe is one of them.


Matthew Knights says hi


Not sure how tall Max Crow was but he played on the wing every now and then. And he was a huge kick, especially with the Windy Hill breeze at his back.
Joe up the ground, on the wing not so silly.


At a guess, I’d say 197-198cm.


I remembered Garry Dempsey from Footscray clunking them on the boundary until the early morn. Must admit I had forgotten about Max.


hope he kicks 10 this week.


Needs to stop going for marks one handed in packs


No player on our list is that sacred.

Limited preseason, poor form for 5 weeks, another 5 weeks out with injury, I’d want him to play a game at least in the VFL before coming back in. Just to get some touch.


Now he has jumped up a level in the pecking order. Taking second best tall defender, instead of 3rd best medium tall. So its going to challenge him and will cause a bit of a hiatus in his development . I would expect he will respond to that and start kicking 2 goals a game again reasonably soon. He will anyway if Stringer starts kicking 2 or more a game.



His stutter kick is a joke


He had it last year and didnt have an issue. Been ordinary this year after his first 4 weeks


So farking frustrating knowing he is a mommoth kick and yet insists on getting so farking close to the man on the mark.

Kick it from farking 50 if you have to.

Poor coaching not to correct that since he’s been at the club.


should just swing around on to the right after the mark joey dan style


came good in the last quarter with a goal, but lost my ■■■■ when he kicked into the man on the mark earlier


Think he’s been working really hard but not seeing the scoreboard reward. Maybe Joe being out and some extra attention being paid to him by way of getting a best or second tall is hampering the output? He’s learning to deal with that and gets up the ground to get involved if it’s not coming down well. If he continues to work hard his rewards will come.


he did actually stutter one step from 10 metres out

get it together jimmy.


One of his worst games imo. Maybe it was just the conditions, but he wasn’t playing his best.


Stutter step only bothers people when he misses, which isn’t that often. It’s a silly thing to focus on.


I’m one of his biggest fans but he was poor tonight. Fully expect him to bounce back